The best Cities to visit in Germany

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The best Cities to visit in Germany

Enjoy always the best

Even though Germany is one of the largest countries in Europe, many people often restrict travel to one or two cities. Usually, travelers end up giving priority to Berlin and Munich. They are undoubtedly Germany's two most popular cities among foreigners, but the country also has a host of other smaller or less explored places that are worth to visist.


Berlin is a fascinating and cosmopolitan town. No wonder it's a real darling among foreigners! In addition to being the capital and largest town of the country, it is a major cultural and technological hub within Europe. Of course, many people also came to Berlin with an interest in learning a little more about its complicated political past. In any case, it is certainly a destination that deserves priority for those who travel to Germany for the first time.


Munich is often charmed by its architecture, museums and cultural programs. In addition, several interesting tours to other places in Bavaria can be made from the capital. One of  most popular destinations, she still obviously sees the number of visitors increasing greatly at the time of the Oktoberfest, one of the best festivals around the world.


Most people know this town only from its airport, one of the best of all Europe. After all, the number of flights connecting there is immense! Frankfurt is Germany's major business center and also occupies a prominent position in this scenario within Europe. Despite having modern skyscrapers along its skyline, Frankfurt also has interesting Old Town to be explored on a trip!


Cologne is one of the oldest cities in Europe. The immense history of the place is reflected in its architecture that keeps traces of the most different periods. Two of the coolest attractions in the place are the Chocolate Museum and the Cathedral (which took over 600 years to complete).


Hamburg is well known for its huge port. Incidentally, he is one of the largest in Europe! Located in the north of the country, just a few hours from Berlin, it is a place enchanted by its many bridges and canals.


Dresden is a town that suffered much from the bombing during World War II, but managed to recover and rebuild much of its buildings that had been destroyed. Nowadays it is a well-known cultural center and is considered a very green town covered by parks and gardens.


Heidelberg houses the oldest university in the nation. It still preserves cobblestone streets and many old buildings for not having suffered as much from the bombing of World War II as other German cities. The most amazing thing about this place is exploring the ruins of Heidelberg Castle


There are people who say that Düsseldorf is the german's Milan. It houses the famous Koenigsallee shopping street and there is no denying that the town has a strong fashion bias! In fact, it is the scene of a huge industry fair! Düsseldorf has an interesting mix of buildings between old and new.


Leipzig has a strong musical and cultural tradition. It is a town that appears in biographies of some famous personalities: Goethe studied and Bach has worked there. It also plays a particularly important role in history because it was the place where peaceful demonstrations began, culminating in the fall of the Berlin Wall.


Nuremberg is practically the german capital of Christmas. It has many Gothic churches and medieval-style buildings, but what most attracts visitors to the place is its famous Christmas market that operates during the holiday season.


With Neuschwanstein Castle showing all the power the place has, Füssen is also an invitation to the classic and traditional romantics. The place's architecture is beautiful and very inviting.

In addition, the lush nature of the place also brings a very good feel. For sure a very special town that you will love to know.


If you want to live a beautiful fairy tale, Marburg is the ideal place to visist. You'll feel the old stories your parents told before you went to sleep. Fantastic architecture, very beautiful and that brings a very good feeling. Proof of this is that the authors of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty studied in this beautiful university town.


Another place that's on the fairytale route is Kassel. Independent of the German government, a nice differentiation in the political and economic area of the place and is 1100 years old, the place have his main park as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is the home of the famous Grimm brothers and you will witness beautiful architecture and wonderfully beautiful nature.


This strange-named town holds one of the most beautiful beauties in all of Europe. The Zugspitze mountain is the highest and most beautiful in Germany with an altitude of 2,966 meters. And look who has the willingness to practice extreme sports in place. The 1936 Winter Olympics took place there. It's been a long time, but the courage of these athletes is very old.

On top of the mountain you can eat in good restaurants, and see the wonderful view that the peak provides for visitors.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Also a very romantic place, but his history is marked by wars and important battles, including the eternal feud between Catholics and Protestants. Among its main attractions is architecture, used as inspiration for the Pinocchio and Harry Potter films and the Deathly Hallows.

The streets are very medieval with many well-organized cobblestones on their floors. Family crests are also always visible on the doorsteps of the houses and hotels surrounding the town.


For those who like beer, a very cool option is Bamberg. It is the paradise of breweries in an environment of medieval architecture. The place is beautiful and the labels made there are simply delicious.

Another quality of the country is his buildings that recall a time of many ruins and religious persecution.


It's another UNESCO World Heritage place, but not least, Weimar is simply wonderful. This was one of the cities where the philosopher Nietzsche resided, you can already understand the importance of the place for humanity, right?!?

It has beautiful parks and buildings with a very classic and old architecture. Their parties and the university are well known in the region as well. In addition to being very close to a Nazi concentration camp.


Located in Bavaria, Regensburg is an important Catholic german town. It sits on the banks of the famous Danube river and has many medieval buildings. A very striking feature is the colors surrounding the city, which gives a touch of modernity in the classic that is there.


Eisenach's main attraction is the beautiful Wartburg Castle, a historic fortress surrounded by the beautiful Thuringian Forest. It is also an important place for Lutheranism and classical music, as it was also one of Bach's addresses.

Bingen am Rhein

This place is one of those that leaves any nature lover jaw-dropping. With a lot of green and colorful, the flora of the place invites you for a more than special walk. In addition, the architecture helps in the composition of the image, which makes the environment extremely beautiful and of great taste.


Finally, another town that has a strong connection with fairytale stories. Each monument has a special history that makes the place even more beautiful and interesting. You will see various animal monuments throughout the county, they are all based on characters from the Grimm brothers, with their main composition being the history of the Bremen Town Musicians.

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