The bags every fashionista will want in 2022

2022 Wish Scholarships


The bags every fashionista will want in 2022

2022 Wish Scholarships

That the bag is something essential I know you know, because in addition to composing the look it is fully functional. And if you are from #MinhaCasaMinhaBolsa (those who even carry a baby bottle in their purse, without even having a child) I know that the purse is on the podium of your favorite accessories.

And as in the fashion world, we are already in 2022, there is nothing better than letting you know what is coming next. Mini bags, baguette bags and lots of color are just a few of the main trends for summer 2022 bags. These trends are already confirmed and should hit the scene in the next season.

In the most varied sizes, shapes and textures, the bags also reflect the macro trends we observe in the main fashion shows.

Bags with wefts or net bag:

Before they were our shopping companions, now an absolute must-have in fashion. If you like something more practical, you can opt for the classic version like the one in Prada's current collection.

Maxi tote bag:

This one doesn't even need an explanation, right? The maxi bags are perfect for those who need to carry a lot of things and don't like to carry several bags or bags. In addition to being big, they are still charming, elegant and very beautiful. Maxi bags come in a variety of materials and colors to match the season.

Mini Bags:

The mini bags come in full force in 2022. They are small bags perfect for carrying few objects, such as cell phones, for example. They can be worn on the side, at the waist as a belt, or by hand. The bags come in different colors and materials to please all women with their preferences and styles.

Saddle Bag (Saddle Bag)

The saddle bags or (bag saddle in Portuguese), has this name because they were inspired by the saddles of horses, it has more laid-back and also more elegant models. The ones with fringes are really cool to compose a more Hippie or Boho Chic style.

cloud bag

Soft cloud bags bring a soft atmosphere to your looks and add a sophisticated touch. As well as its "cousin" - the unstructured -, the ruffled bag is one of the darlings and also one of our bets for 2022. As they are more compact, they are excellent for those who want to bring an unusual and more subtle touch to the production .

We want them all! and you?

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