Smartphone Motorola Moto Z3 Play

It will enter your wish list!

Smartphone Motorola Moto Z3 Play

It will enter your wish list!

Did you feel it’s time to change your smartphone? So, you need to know the Motorola Z3 Play Smartphone!

With many features, an innovative design and a super camera, this smartphone will win you over!

128 GB memory + 6 GB RAM

There is nothing more annoying on a smartphone than not being able to use all applications, record videos and take photos, due to lack of enough memory.

Thinking about it, Motorola has already taken the lead when developing the Moto Z3 Play, with 128 GB of memory and 6 GB RAM.

Because you don't have to stress or worry about freeing up space on your smartphone all the time, do you?

Infinity screen

With a 6 "Super Amoled screen and infinite edge, you will have the best experience to enjoy your favorite content, in high resolution. Vibrant colors and sharpness on the screen of your Moto Z3 Play!

Smart dual camera

Your photos with high quality, autofocus pixel autofocus pixel, without relying on good lighting.

With the 12 MP + 5Mp smart dual camera, you'll have photos that look professional. Your selfies to perfection!

With additional features like panoramic photos, highlighted color, focus and blur and manual mode, you'll get the most amazing photos!

Charge your Moto Z3 Play in minutes

With Turbo Power, you can charge your smartphone in minutes and with many hours of battery life!

And more:

  • Biometric reader on the side of the smartphone.
  • USB adapter instead of headphones. More freedom and comfort for you!
  • With Moto Snaps you increase the possibilities of your smartphone.
  • Have a cell phone, camera, projector, sound and image quality, great gaming experience and more with Motorola's Moto Z3 Play!

You can find Moto Z3 Play and other amazing smartphones on !


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