Learn why you need good headphones!

And how the investment in quality is worth it

Learn why you need good headphones!

And how the investment in quality is worth it

Headphones or headphones are part of our daily routine and much more than accessories, they have become essential pieces to have a good experience, whether working, playing sports, playing or listening to music.

So, know some reasons to invest in good headphones !


Like any electronic device, it is important to know that when unexpected things happen, such as a fall, your headphones will not easily spoil. Depending on the material, the headphones can wear out simply by daily contact with the natural oil of the skin and this is something that is unlikely to happen with quality headphones .

There are many who have some parts like pads and removable cables, making it easy to change to new ones.

And speaking of removable parts ...

When purchasing headphones with removable parts, you get a great advantage, as these parts can be replaced in case of any wear.

You can improve the performance of your headphones with better and updated parts, such as replacing cups for open headphones, such as pads and eartips (which are the tips and erasers), which brings much more comfort and even a notable improvement in the quality of sound, and also extends their lifespan .

A touch for your ears

There are people who need to wear headphones all day because of work, for example. Therefore, it is frustrating to have to work with uncomfortable headphones that can even cause health problems, such as headaches and ears.

When you buy good headphones, rest assured that they are not just designed to produce quality sounds. And they were also made to provide you with the maximum comfort possible . It is worth researching how light and flexible it is, whether it has good arc regulation, among other things.

1 2 3 testing...

The sound quality is indisputable in the search for good headphones, but what about their microphone? There are versions of headphones that come with exposed or built-in microphones, which is to everyone's taste.

However, for you to have a great experience, especially when working, it is important that the microphone offers quality, so that there is no possible interference or pick up all kinds of random sounds other than your voice.

W hat is the ideal for me: A headphone or an in-ear headset?

It all depends on the purpose of using them. For example, if you are looking for something lighter and more discreet , for the day-to-day and that you can carry it without taking up much space, the ideal is the in-ear model, the one that usually comes with silicone tips and fit inside the ears.

It is also recommended when you need to get around because it still allows you to hear outside noise, which will avoid possible distractions and accidents.

The Headphone is that model that covers the ears, isolating the sound and allowing you to have a great experience . They are generally padded, providing great comfort and high sound quality.

They are the most suitable for those who work from home or practice professions such as music producers or DJs.

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