How to stay active at home with cheap exercise equipments!

Let's work out and keep our minds safe!

How to stay active at home with cheap exercise equipments!

Let's work out and keep our minds safe!

With several restrictions for leaving home, it is extremely important to respect each one of them so that everything can go back to normal as soon as possible.

And to encourage you to keep your mind busy and take care of your body as well, we've listed below some suggestions of cheap equipment so you can exercise at home.

Wheel Roller

This equipment consists of a 2-wheels ab roller so you can keep fit with confort, rolling it frontward and backward. You will burn calories, build muscle and look great. It is easy to use and cheap too. It is important to dedicate 15 minutes of your day to achieve your fitness goals.

 Leg Stretcher

This equipment is excellent to improve flexibility, help in physical therapy treatments and amazing for athletes and dancers. It is comfortable to use and you can carry it to every room of your house. 

Multifunction Leg Exerciser

It is perfect for those who want to lose fat shape body. It  can tone your waist, arm and leg and you can use it sitting or standing. It also helps with flexibility and  stretching.

Core Coaster Abdominal Trainer

Core coaster is a great option if you want to strengthen your core, hips and back. It also allows your to gradually control the movements until you feel confident to advance in your exercises.

Hip Trainer

It is indicated whether you want to exercise your pelvic floor muscles, hips and gluteus in a very easy way. Women who are sedentary or who have experienced childbirth can have great results with this equipment. 

Push Up Bar

We already know the benefits of pushing up exercises, but it is also good to remember that it can help decrease the pain in your arms, back and wrists in a very effective way. The easy-to-grip handles allow you to carry wherever you want to.

Pilates Stick Muscle Toning Bar

This equipment is a full body workout. Moreover, it can help you build muscles, increase flexibility and resistance and get your cardio in. It is possible to adjust the bands according to the intensity of your execises.

Workouty Padded Neck Training

When you don't work out your neck muscles, you damage your posture and this is the reason why so many people feel pain on their neck and back. That's a very important part of your body which requires dedication and attention. 

As you see, there is no excuse to take care of your body, have some fun and feel great about it! Let's get it started!

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