Have you ever thought about having an electric bike?

Understand how useful it can be in your day to day!

Have you ever thought about having an electric bike?

Understand how useful it can be in your day to day!

If you are not a fan of motorcycles, but you are also not in the mood to give a big bike a ride every day, the electric bike or e-bikes are an excellent option for you.

In addition to being super economical means of transportation, electric bikes are environmentally friendly and incredibly practical.

Among the available models, stand out the folding electric bikes, with different powers and shapes.

So, to understand what they can offer you, in terms of comfort, practicality, economy and safety, I have separated some important information!

Come on?

How do they work?

The first thing to understand is that electric bikes are considered hybrid vehicles, which can be used as a regular bike, (with pedaling) or with the propulsion of an engine.

They have batteries, (you can charge them in any outlet) and work after a few strokes.

With little effort and no sweat, you can move around long stretches, slopes and uneven terrain quite easily.

What about traffic laws to drive them?

It is important to understand that they are bicycles that are powered by batteries. Therefore, it is preferable that you ride your electric bicycle on cycle lanes or cycle paths, if they exist.

Another option would be the shoulder or the edge of the track. As long as your engine has a power of up to 350 watts, reaching a maximum of 24 km / h.

These models can be driven by minors and people without qualifications.

The only rules are to use a helmet for cyclists, rear view mirrors, doorbell, speed indicator and front night signaling.

On the other hand, if you want a more powerful model, (from 400 watts), which can reach 50 km / h, it is mandatory to be over 18 years old, with license, in addition to the license plate of the vehicle and payment of taxes due .

Whether walking, going to the bakery or even going to work, the electric bike is great for taking you anywhere!

So, did you like the idea? You can find several models on amazon.com !

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