Those classic pieces to always have in your closet!



Those classic pieces to always have in your closet!

Fashion has many cycles, the coming and going of trends is eternal, but there are some pieces that last for several seasons, and the best thing is that they match each other! They are super democratic pieces that combine with different types of style, such as the denim jacket, which is younger, or the classic black blazer.
So, I separated the 6 essential items in any woman's wardrobe. Separate the pad from the wishlist to find out what's missing to complete your wardrobe.

1- Black Blazer

The blazer enhances any look, even more when it has a good fit because it enhances your silhouette. Can be combined with jeans, skirts, shorts or dresses. And to get out of the basics, it's always good to invest in different textures and lengths.

2- Jeans

Year in and year out and jeans are becoming more democratic and indispensable. We've already made a post about best bets for 2021, but regardless of fashion, classic pants are a must-have in a women's wardrobe. Choose the model that values your body the most and that matches the largest number of pieces in your closet.

3 - White Shirt

There's no denying that the good classic white shirt is a wild card in our closet. It can compose more formal looks or even be used as a beach getaway. The important thing is that it is a good fabric and has a good finish so it will stay with you for years to come.

4- Black Leather Jacket

Another indispensable piece in the women's closet. Not only because it brings an extra touch, urban and modern, to any production, but because depending on the cut and trim, it can have a more rock star or fashion feel. It can also be combined with jeans, dress or shorts. Experience the possibilities!

5- Black dress

The saying goes: “With a black dress I don't compromise.” Yes, among all the pieces mentioned I think this is the most flexible of all, according to the accessory and the footwear, a little black tube can go for a walk in the park until a more formal party.

6- Jeans jacket

The models and washes on the market are the most varied and are able to accompany women at all times: at work, at parties, outings, trips... There's something for all tastes, styles and situations! And the most interesting thing is that it can be used in all seasons.

#dicabonus. Timeless pieces deserve a little more investment. Prefer quality raw materials and good finishes, so they stayed with you for many years.

Follow us on social media and tell us, which other piece of your choice would be included in this list?

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