Valentine's day in the pandemic

The best tips for an unforgettable day!

Valentine's day in the pandemic

The best tips for an unforgettable day!

Social isolation and many other restrictions have affected the way we celebrate special dates.

However, at this time, we can count on all the creativity and love to make these dates memorable, even in the midst of a pandemic.

We are dealing with two types of scenarios: those couples who live together and prefer to celebrate at home, while other couples who meet with little or no frequency.

Anyway, with these super tips, you'll have the opportunity to celebrate Valentine's Day with a lot of romance and still surprise that person so loved and special.

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love is at home

For couples who live together, the tip is to think about what can be done special in different rooms of the house.

In the living room, make a cinema-style decor, with marked seating on the sofa, treats and popcorn, in addition to a very dark environment.

Choose one of your favorite movies, or a release you both want to watch or even marathon your favorite series.

If you bought a gift, before the movie starts, say you'll be watching the advertisements from the movie's sponsors, and take this funny moment to talk about your gift, with tips or a comedic performance from you.

In the kitchen, how about preparing a romantic and delicious dinner together?

Choose a soundtrack that is special for both of you and enjoy this delicious moment.

If you don't know how to cook, it's okay to order food, and while it doesn't arrive, set the table together, with a different decoration, with candles, flowers and beautiful dishes.

As for the bedroom, I don't know anyone who doesn't like to have a nice breakfast in bed!

Make a selection of foods (snacks, sweets and drinks) that your lover likes to eat for breakfast, place them on a tray in an organized way and decorate it with flowers and fruits.

You can add a photo of the couple and a letter or note with all the love and affection in your heart.

Want to include the whole house?

Write romantic notes and spread them around the house.

Imagine a circuit of love, to surprise your loved one with photos, tickets, treats...

Choose places where these items can be found and at different times during the day.

The love that overcomes distance

For couples who can't meet in person, the tip is to order your love's favorite food and make a video call to have dinner together.

While it's nothing compared to being face-to-face, there is no doubt that by taking the time to prepare and organize for this moment, you will demonstrate how important this person is to you.

Still using technology to our advantage, some applications like Rabbit (watch the contents of the main streaming video-call), Netflix Party (watch Netflix remotely and even chat with the person) and Gaze or Synaptop (watch and still see the person watching with you), enable the couple to watch a movie or series together virtually.

And finally, choose a gift or make one and hire a delivery service so that it can reach your love!

With fast delivery and many promotions, especially for commemorative dates, you will find the perfect treat to give to the one you love!

May this day be as special as the love we feel for that person so important and relevant in our lives!

A Happy Valentine's Day to you!

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