Take advantage of the winter to perform cosmetic procedures

Know what they are and how each one is made

Take advantage of the winter to perform cosmetic procedures

Know what they are and how each one is made

In winter, the demand for aesthetic procedures increases, and this has a reason: they are procedures that have contraindications to sun exposure.

The use of skin moisturizer to prevent its dryness is essential, especially in winter, however, it is possible to take advantage of this season to perform some much-desired aesthetic procedures.

By doing these cosmetic procedures with a professional, you will be able to treat skin problems, eliminate hair and further improve the beauty and health of your skin.

Why in winter?

Solar radiation is lower in winter (even so, sunscreen is still essential), which means that the healing process is not harmed due to extensive exposure to the sun, preventing the appearance of spots, for example.

Discover now the most requested aesthetic procedures for winter:

Laser waxing

Laser hair removal is a very efficient technique for hair removal.

For the procedure to be done, the patient must not have a tanned skin or have been exposed to the sun lately.

And the sun exposure of the shaved area is prohibited until 15 days after the procedure.

Although not censored in summer, this technique is safer in winter.

Pulsed light

Pulsed light is a procedure that reduces wrinkles, dark circles and freckles.

This happens through light waves that are emitted by the device, reaching different layers of the dermis and also stimulating the production of collagen (improvement in flaccidity).

renewed skin

The most suitable techniques for winter are crystal or chemical peeling (various acids are used to treat sagging, fine wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and acne).

Due to dermabrasion (a minimal injury), the healing process is initiated to achieve significant improvements in the treatments mentioned above.

What can be harmed, if there is exposure to the sun and the non-use of sunscreen.

Radio frequency and infrared

With the use of thermal energy, radiofrequency or infrared are treatments that work with heating in the place to be treated, which can be by light or alternating electrical current.

Exposure to the sun after this procedure can cause burns, redness or blemishes.

This treatment encourages a modification in the molecular structure of natural collagen, improving skin tightening and attacking the signs of aging.  

Tattoo removal

With laser removal techniques, which can last several sessions, depending on the size of the tattoo and being a painful process, it is an ideal procedure for those who regret having had a certain tattoo and want to have it removed.

As it is a laser treatment, exposure to the sun is contraindicated, which makes winter the ideal time to do this, without worries.

It is noteworthy that it is very important to follow all the professional's recommendations to the letter, so that the results of the chosen aesthetic procedure are a success!

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