Super creative gifts for the right personality type

You will also want it for yourself!

Super creative gifts for the right personality type

You will also want it for yourself!

Giving people that we love or that we have a great admiration is a way of showing affection and that this person was also remembered with great affection.

And nowadays, with so much choice, it has been increasingly difficult to choose something that is not so generic and that expresses creativity or a little of the personality of the person for whom we want to present.

Thinking about it, I selected some types of personalities, to get it right when buying the gift. Check out:


Observer people have the ability to capture details and develop ideas, being quite committed to them. His outlook on life is very different, which can be seen when this person photographs a landscape at a time or moment.

You notice this creativity when you look at the photo, for example. Starting from this example, how about giving this creative person an instant camera? They are beautiful, colorful and can print photos instantly.

In addition to being able to make some basic edits, such as brightness adjustments, image cuts and color adjustment. Thus, only the chosen photo is printed in the desired way.


Creative people have great imagination and a unique look at things. Therefore, she is an easy person to please, because when she is presented, she creates a kind of immediate connection with the present.

So, a really cool suggestion is that Lua Cheia lamp. It is beautiful, very different and even comes with some functions like color change, lighting by touch and even humidifier ..

You can be sure that you will be remembered every time you use this lamp.


Romantic people crave displays of affection and love. They yearn to hear and realize how much they are loved and appreciated. What if you mix romanticism with a puzzle?

This Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex (the name is different, but it's pretty cool), is nothing more than an encrypted type of scroll, in which you need a password to open it.

You can put a candy, lipstick or ring inside it and wait for the person to crack the code that you can create to open it.


As the name implies, these people seek novelty, cold in the belly and stories to tell. They are people who love to travel, visit different places and experience new cultures. That's why this Scratch World Map is super creative and different.

It can be placed as a decoration on a wall and, as the person visits new places and countries, it "scrapes that place" that becomes colorful. Incredible, isn't it?

Now just choose the personality that most defines the person you want to gift and rock the choice!

You can find these and other incredible gifts on !

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