Some basic types of run

Choose the one that better suits to your goal!

Some basic types of run

Choose the one that better suits to your goal!

The human body is a masterpiece, with all its complexity and efficiency. Faced with this, we cannot deny that it was also made to move, and running is capable of satisfying this will: it is enough to have good tennis and a lot of willpower to start. So, know the types of running modalities and choose which is the ideal one to practice it in a safe, calm and comfortable way. 

The main types of running are:

Basic training

This type of run is ideal for those who want to start this sport at their own pace, increasing it according to the development of their aerobic capacity. And because it doesn't require much, it can be done without fear and as often as is best for you.

Progression Race

A little more challenging than the base run, it proposes that you run at your own pace, but in the end, the pace is accelerated. This way you get faster and faster and in a continuous way. This type of running will improve your fitness and endurance.


This is a type of training where you don't choose a rhythm or terrain, but it's quite improvised. You decide whether to run faster or slower, on the asphalt or on the sand. Because there is no training requirement, you can run the way you want and wherever you want, making of it a  very enjoyable experience. You can test your limits by controlling your pace.


Sprints is that kind of sport that benefits everyone. This is because it helps you develop muscle strength so you can run faster every day. You get used to running longer distances without getting tired so easily.

Hill repeats

It's basically running in the hills, starting from the bottom of the hill and choosing a point on the hill where you can run to. Then you run as fast as you can and repeat that route a few times. Each time you run, you will feel that the distance will be less, but running in a gully will make this challenge more and more interesting and will have the power to increase your endurance and not get tired so fast.

Tempo Run

Tempo run is the running pace that someone decides to run at a specific distance. In this workout you simulate for a while the speed you want to keep in a race, developing the kind of routine you want. Besides increasing speed, it helps you to know your body and yourself and to develop strategies to reach your goals.


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