Requirements that a good gaming laptop must meet

Here we will show you the key requirements that your next laptop has to meet!

Requirements that a good gaming laptop must meet

Here we will show you the key requirements that your next laptop has to meet!

A good gaming laptop must have a CPU with six cores and twelve threads - It is the minimum that we must look for if we want to make sure that the gaming laptop that we are going to buy will have a long useful life.

What processors should you look for? Luckily we do not have to go to the most expensive, from a Ryzen 4 4600H or a Core i7 10750H we will move at an optimal level when choosing a gaming laptop, since both processors have a high IPC and add up to six cores and twelve threads. Remember that the Core i5 10 series for laptops have four cores and eight threads.

16 GB of RAM is the new standard - I know what you are thinking, that today almost everything can be played perfectly with 8 GB of RAM, and yes, it is true, but not in the fluid way that we like to all of them and as video game technologies advance, so do their requirements, so it is best to have plenty to avoid present and future problems.

What should I look for? Well, it's very simple, a gaming laptop that has at least 16 GB of RAM. The cheapest models usually mount memories with quite limited speeds (between 2,400 MHz and 2,666 MHz), but in the mid-range models the most normal thing is to find frequencies of 3,200 MHz.

Graphics card: where is the recommended level? - It is a complicated answer, since it depends on the resolution you want to play at. Today most gaming laptops use 1080p screens of different qualities with refresh rates that can range from 60 Hz to 300 Hz. Curiously, it has been chosen to prioritize the resolution-refresh ratio, rather than to carry out a gross increase in resolution, it goes without saying that a gaming laptop with a more powerful graphics card will be able to take better advantage of a 144 Hz 1080p panel, as it will be able to achieve higher FPS rates that will better fit with that high refresh rate . For example, an RTX 2070 Super Mobile is a good choice if we want to play in 1080p and take advantage of a 144 Hz monitor. Since most gaming laptops are marketed with panels that use 1080p resolution, we are going to stick to that level when it comes to leave you a couple of specific recommendations that will serve as a reference.

Please note that these recommendations are intended to ensure a good user experience and a long service life. We should not go down from a GTX 1660 Ti to play in 1080p . Lower models such as the GTX 1650 Ti and RX 5500 Mobile perform well in most cases, but are not powerful enough to guarantee the long life we referenced. If we are going to use a 120 Hz panel with 1080p resolution is recommended to look for an RTX 2070 Super Mobile.

Storage: HDD, SSD and minimum capacities in a gaming laptop - Today most of the low-end and lower-mid-range gaming laptops use 256 GB SSDs, a capacity that is, by all accounts, insufficient to cover the needs of any character who plays minimally seriously. I'm not exaggerating, a current game easily takes up 60 GB, there are titles, like Call of Duty Warzone, that take up more than 200 GB. Do the math, the numbers don't lie.

Some manufacturers solve this problem by combining a 256 GB SSD with a 1 TB HDD, a good solution as long as the second drive is running at 7,200 RPM. We can leave the space on the SSD reserved for our favorite game, and use the HDD for the rest. It is a good option in a gaming laptop, and quite inexpensive.

In the mid-range and high-end models, the most normal thing is to find yourself directly with high-performance SSD units with a capacity of between 512 GB and 1 TB. To be honest, 512 GB may be "short" ahead of schedule, so I recommend that you look for a minimum capacity of 1 TB.

So what should I look for? The truth is that there are two good options, opt for a gaming laptop with an SSD of at least 256 GB that is supported by a 1 TB HDD at 7,200 RPM or buy a model that has an SSD of at least 1 TB.

With these instructions you will be sure that your choice will be the one indicated and you will be able to get all the game out of your new gaming laptop!

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