Rotary hair brush: is it worth having one?

Learn its features, best models and how to choose the perfect one for you!

Rotary hair brush: is it worth having one?

Learn its features, best models and how to choose the perfect one for you!

You know that cliché phrase “the hair is the frame of the face”?

It's the truth!

Whatever your hair type, it's a fact that we feel even more beautiful when our hair is just the way we like it.

Therefore, we invest so much in beauty products such as: good shampoos, conditioners, moisturizing masks, styling creams, anti-frizz lotions… And the list just goes on and on!

And when it comes to alternatives to innovate hairstyles, we have the flat iron, curling iron, hair dryer and the rotating brush, which has been highly praised for its practicality and efficiency.

Are you in doubt if it really works? Find out everything in this post!

The rotating brush system is very easy to understand

It has a brush with small outlets, where the heat from the dryer goes straight to the hair.

The surface of your roller heats up like a flat iron and its bristles follow the spinning movement, mimicking the movements of a hairdresser when brushing your clients' hair.

She promises to comb, dry, shape and straighten the hair, very quickly and conveniently, leaving your locks with the result of a beauty salon.

Some models allow the brush to be uncoupled so you can use your rotating brush as just a blow dryer and can be used on all hair types, both dry and wet.

I loved it, and now how to choose?

With so many models on the market, it is important to do some research so that it can meet your needs and expectations.

While some perform basic functions like drying and smoothing, others just model.

However, there are some amazing models that, in addition to drying, smoothing and shaping, still come with amazing accessories for finishes worthy of a professional.

Keeping an eye on power

The potency of the product greatly influences its performance.

So choose a rotating brush with 900W or more power.

Another thing is the type of technology that makes a difference when choosing your rotating brush.

Some rotating brushes offer options to reduce frizz (thanks to ionic technology), add shine, cool air to finish, rotation in both directions, ceramic coating and dry hair quickly.

Therefore, you can see what a great investment it can be, if you think that there is a product that can dry, detangle, straighten and style your hair with great efficiency and quality.

Even those who are not very skillful can handle the brush very easily.

Just be patient and follow all the manufacturer's guidelines, how to separate the hair into small locks and start the process you want.

In the list of highly rated rotating brushes we have:

Mondial – Ceramic Ion ER-05

Cadence – Real Beauty

ProConair – Diamond Brilliance Italy – Turbo Ion 3000 Rotating Styler

Mondial – Tourmaline Infinity Ion ER

Philco – Spin Brush Pec04V

Conair – Diamond Brilliance Italy – Turbo Plus 2300 Rotating Styler

Philco – Beauty Shine

Revlon - Salon Hair Dryer and Volumiser

Your hair is smooth, straight and shiny every day!

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