5 tips for straight hair longer

Important care for a longer-lasting straightening

5 tips for straight hair longer

Important care for a longer-lasting straightening

It's wonderful to have the possibility to bet on different looks, whether in clothes and accessories, or in our highlights.

And for those who want straight hair and are betting on specific treatments for this purpose, having the effect of prolonged straightening is an achievement to be celebrated, isn't it?

With these 5 suggestions , you will understand that it is possible to have soft, straight and shiny hair, even after a chemical straightening process.

So, I invite you to check out these precious tips:

First of all, protect your wires

In order not to suffer the damage of a chemical process in the hair, the tip is to do a treatment that we call "pre-chemical shock".

This procedure contains a lot of amino acids and oils, providing the "pre-straightening" protection your hair needs.

Which can also be done, after straightening, to maintain hair shine and softness.

Beware of excessive hair washing

It is best to wash your hair with a break of at least 2 days.

Fact is, some of the chemistry is removed each time the hair is washed.

However, not washing your hair for a long time can have the opposite effect.

When leaving the hair strands dirty, the appearance is much less pleasant, with dry ends and excess oil at the root.

The result is a mixture of extremely oily root and that heavy, lifeless smooth look .

Therefore, when washing the hair with the indicated break, use hair reconstruction products, specifically developed for hair with chemical treatments and actives that will keep the smooth effect so desired.

moisturize hair

There is no way to have healthy and silky hair without hydration.

With hydration, the nutrients lost with the chemical process are replaced and the structure of the hair is restored.

The hydration can be done up to twice a week, being the capillary butters, a great option, exactly because they are rich in minerals, oils and amino acids, restoring the hairs deeply.

use the dryer

Although straightening gives the possibility to let the hair dry naturally and still have a smooth effect, when the hair is removed with the moisture from the hair, the straightening effect can last longer.

This happens because chemical treatments such as progressive have a thermo-activated action, enhancing their effects, due to the heat of the dryer.

Also bet on the thermal shock of the cold jet that the dryer has, since it promotes the closing of the cuticles, giving a lot of shine to the hair.

You can apply a keratin defrizzizer first, which considerably reduces the effects of frizz on the hair, leaving the strands supple and silky.

Have a special routine for your hair

You may have heard of the famous capillary schedule.

And the fame comes for an obvious reason: having a hair care routine can make your hair look stunning like never before!

The hair schedule is more widespread for those with curly hair, but it can be easily adhered to by those who want to have straight and healthy hair as well.

The difference is in the products that will be used and the care.

For those who want to prolong hair straightening, the steps are as follows: moisturize, nourish and rebuild the strands .

After all, silky and shiny hair makes all the difference in anyone's self-esteem, don't you think?

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