Upholstered Adhesive Headboard

An easy and charming option to decorate your room!

Upholstered Adhesive Headboard

An easy and charming option to decorate your room!

The headboard is one of the most important decorative components in the room.

It is she who brings all the charm, warmth and life to this very special environment in our house.

However, in addition to being beautiful, it needs to be functional!

And it is with this idea in mind that many decorators and architects have chosen the Modulated Cabeceira every day.

This type of decor item matches any style of room, both the most classic and the most contemporary.

Headboard, what do I want you for?

In addition to decorating, a beautiful headboard can serve as support for that pleasant reading moment, it offers head protection in situations of impact on the wall or even a cozy backrest when watching your favorite movie or series.

How does your installation work?

What most captivates this type of decoration is the ease with which it is installed, without the need to use tools.

It can be fixed with an extra strong double-sided VHB tape (which usually comes with the product), on a smooth, dry surface.

Textured or wallpapered walls are not indicated.

Even so, some people have shared their experiences, choosing to use an MDF board fixed with nails or screws, so that they can then use the Upholstered Headboard.

Modular Design

Made of fabric, wood and foam boards, you can assemble it the way you want!

Just be aware of the number of boards, according to the size of headboard you want to form.

There are models available for single bed, double bed, queen bed and king bed.

Did you love the idea? So, check out these models of modulated headboards and get inspired!

This Hexagonal Headboard or Beehive style is modern and beautiful, with a composition of two tones.

Vertical rectangular headboard that brings a lot of elegance and sobriety to this room.

A bolder headboard, with different sizes of boards and a warmer color for a romantic bedroom.

Look what a cool solution to give more style to the room and at the same time, offer protection against a rougher brick wall.

A glamorous and stylish room with this ceiling-high headboard in velvet fabric.

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