Shape your body using bodies

Learn to love your curves even more!

Shape your body using bodies

Learn to love your curves even more!

This versatile piece of clothing appeared in the 1980s, initially to be used in gyms, but soon after it conquered the streets and celebrities, and became synonymous with practicality and style.

Still have doubts about what a good body can do for you?

Body, why do I want you?

A body is nothing more than a modeling piece that can favor, especially those people who are overweight, enhancing curves and shaping the body. Not to mention that bodies can be comfortable and make people more comfortable with the security they provide, by supporting the breasts well and not letting parts of the body be unduly exposed.

Super democratic garment

There are bodies of different models, fabrics and formats. Some resemble overalls, which help to prevent friction between legs, with reinforced straps, for those who have bulky breasts, swimsuit style, swimmer, one shoulder, and the list only increases. They can also be used by people of all biotypes and combine with more formal and even everyday occasions.

The mistake that many people make

When choosing a body, it is necessary to understand that you should wear a model that models, but without suffocating, in addition to selecting details that are important to favor your body, such as reinforced straps, for example, or if you will need a bulge on the part of the breasts or not, etc. Very tight bodies are extremely uncomfortable, it can hurt your body and negatively highlight what you want to model on your body.

Did you like the tips? Then check out these gorgeous models, selected especially for you!

They are wild pieces, to compose your style in many ways, with a lot of elegance. They also shape your body, leaving your silhouette elegant and with a perfect fit!

Velvet Body Deep Neckline Nude

Desert Short Sleeve Body

Lace Bodysuit with Petal Sleeve

Body Bandeau Amazonian

Body NP with Bulge and without Rim Curve 24842

Runway Neckline Bodysuit

Black Microfiber and Lace Bodysuit - VF08

Trifil Body AF V-Neckline Women

You can find these and other models on !

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