Get started with your self-care in the comfort of your home

Keep Your Body Care Routine!

Get started with your self-care in the comfort of your home

Keep Your Body Care Routine!

Know your hair type

Knowing what your hair looks like is the first step to learning how to take care of it simply and effectively. Generally, hair types are divided into 12 subcategories ranging from the thinnest (1a) to the thickest (4c). Fine hair is more oily, medium hair is 'normal' and thicker hair is drier. Well cared hair makes all the difference for a healthy and confident look.

What comes next

  • For hair that needs dyeing, sprays or lipsticks can be used.
  • Bet on moisturizing hair masks and hydrate them 1x a week.

This is a good time to let your hair grow. Vitamins and ampoules can be added to your shampoo to help you in this process.

If you like your hair aligned and straight, there are some options on the market that can make your life easier: like rotating brushes and also those that straighten your hair.

Treat your skin with care

After knowing what your skin type is, little beauty rituals can help you keep it healthy and soft.

During the bath:

You can use an exfoliating soap to get all the impurity out of your skin.Then apply a bath oil to hydrate it. Besides making you smell good, you will moisturize your skin evenly.

And our face?

Several dermatologists say that if we cleanse our faces every day with the right product  for our skin type and then use a good cream, it is the minimum care for our face. If you work too long in front of the laptop, use the sunscreen.

Well-treated fingernails, powerful hands

Going without a manicure is a nightmare for a lot of people. But calm down! We have some tips to help you.

There are some cuticle creams that promise to make your cuticles thinner and more hydrated. You can pass it on the cuticles and then push them.

There are moisturizing waxes for your nails on the market. Even these products replenish some vitamins to strengthen your nails.

If you can't live without nail polishers, the tip is to use light-colored nail polishes so as not to overload your nails with too many dyes.

Keep your nails shorter

Long fingernails can shelter dirt. Short nails, besides being easier to care for, decrease the laughter of coronavirus proliferation.

There are two kinds of people: those who love to go to the gym and those who hate to do that.

For both, it is important to find an activity that not only helps you reach your goal, but also makes you happy. It's worth running on the treadmill, doing some laps around the house, going up and down the stairs or even dancing to those games that help you with smooth or more intense movements, according to the  music chosen.

Embrace yourself!

The most important thing is to understand that our body is our home. It shelters these incredible person that you are. So take care of it with all the love and dedication.

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