Improve your immunity with these super foods

Understand how immunity works and how to increase it in a healthy way!

Improve your immunity with these super foods

Understand how immunity works and how to increase it in a healthy way!

Much is said about the need for a closer look at our immune system.

And rightly so! A healthy immunity, prevents the development of diseases and helps in the reaction of our body against already existing diseases.

Even though immunity is a natural process of our organism, some small changes can contribute to the enhancement of its performance in our system.

Exercising, drinking plenty of water, sunbathing and having a balanced diet are essential practices for efficient immunity.

By adopting these practices, you will have an important result in the short and long term.

What damages our immunity?

Many situations of stress, poor diet, not getting enough sleep, smoking and drinking alcohol in excess, can weaken the immune system, leaving our body more prone to inflammation and disease.

Is just having a good diet enough?

As already mentioned, it is important to have this partnership between healthy habits and healthy eating.

If you eat well, but you cannot control your stress level, you do not sleep well, you smoke and drink alcohol in excess, you will not have the result of efficient immunity.

When you find a balance, you can strengthen your body's natural defenses and one of these ways is by adding these super foods to your diet.

Shall we meet them?

Red fruits

Berries are important suppliers of vitamin C, which helps prevent systemic and respiratory infections and strengthens our body's natural defenses.


This powerful root contains antioxidants, in addition to having anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, fighting infections (fungal, viral and bacterial), as well as the development of diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

Turmeric or turmeric

Protective of the cells of our organism, turmeric is another root that is the enemy of the damage caused by free radicals and a great stimulant of the production of T cells (cells with immune function), which fights infections, including viral ones.


Garlic, in addition to being deliciously used to flavor food, is a wonderful inhibitor of the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and viruses and an exterminator of bacteria and toxins that affect the intestine.

Fermented milk and plain yogurt

With probiotics that help regulate the intestine and strengthen our body's defenses, fermented milk and natural yogurt act as stimulants for the production of defense cells in our body.

And to finish ... sunflower seeds!

With just a few sunflower seeds a day, you will have a variety of benefits such as: zinc in abundance (super vitamin for the immune system), which protects our body against free radicals, radiation and the toxicity of some substances.

You can consume them crushed in salads, pasta and fruit smoothies.

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