Electric toothbrush for kids

Your ally to ensure more efficient brushing for your little ones!

Electric toothbrush for kids

Your ally to ensure more efficient brushing for your little ones!

Although most children are not as resistant as brushing their teeth, ensuring a well done brushing is one of the most challenging tasks.

Therefore, any alternative that is interesting, effective and attractive to them, is super worth betting !

Did you know that, by including the electric brush in the children's brushing routine, you will contribute to the maintenance of their oral health, in addition to captivating their interest and attention to this novelty.

It is important to know how it works, what the right movements are and what we can do to encourage our little ones to enjoy the whole process that brushing requires. Check out:

To begin

Yes, the electric brush is great for removing plaque and gingivitis from your teeth!

And for children, it is even more efficient because it helps to obtain the correct movements for optimal brushing.

And the fact that it is a novelty, ends up being an even greater incentive for children to enjoy and enjoy even more this moment of oral hygiene.

Be part of this process

It is important to monitor whether the brushing is being done correctly, and this has to be done by those responsible.

Any more sudden movement in the gums or lips, can cause injuries and even demotivate the children.

Orienting them to a correct brushing is the first step towards achieving autonomy in their hygiene routines.

Among these guidelines are, brushing time that must be respected by the children, (at least 2 minutes).

Use the specific toothpaste for children.

Inform them that there is no need to exert great force on the teeth, since the electric brush has its vibration and oscillation automatically.

Also check if the brush size is suitable for the child's age group.

After all, taking care of the most beautiful smile in the world is essential!

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