5 items with cutting edge technology to modernize your bathroom

Everything to impress you!

5 items with cutting edge technology to modernize your bathroom

Everything to impress you!

Bringing modernity to your bathroom may seem superfluous, but when you look for more information about it, you realize how useful it can be.

If you compare the value of a common item with an electronic one, there is no denying the huge difference in cost.

However, what electronic items offer is more practicality and hygiene, in addition to a more interesting and modern look.

To get to know each item better and know its functionalities, I have separated a list of 5 items with the latest technology to modernize your bathroom. Check out:

Electronic waste bin

An elegant and useful item for your bathroom.

It has an electronic proximity sensor that varies between 10 and 15 cm, which opens automatically when it recognizes the approach and closes on its own, avoiding any direct contact with the trash.

With this electronic waste bin, you have more practicality and hygiene for your family.

Automatic faucet with sensor

The automatic faucet with sensor already enchants with its modern and elegant design.

With a timer sensor, this faucet releases an adequate amount of water, avoiding the waste of water.

Also thanks to this sensor, there is no need to touch the tap for it to release water. To do this, just bring your hands together.

Smart liquid soap dispenser

The Intelligent Liquid Soap Dispenser has an integrated sensor to identify the approach of the hands and release the liquid soap.

Fast and efficient, this type of dispenser releases around 1ml of liquid soap, avoiding waste.

Some models come with a transparent part so you can see the amount of soap that is still in it.

Smart mirror

In addition to being very beautiful, this smart mirror has some interesting functions such as:

  • Heating the glass, defogging it quickly
  • Magnifier for easy shaving or makeup
  • LED lights with incandescent effect or white light.
  • Touch Screen system to activate or deactivate the above functions

Smart toilet

This smart toilet is full of surprises.

Starting with its multiple functions such as customization of the setting, pressure and temperature control, massage function and self cleaning.

With a remote control you can enjoy all these functions in addition to the presence sensor that is activated as soon as someone approaches, triggering the opening of the seat.

To deliver even more modernity, it features LED lights, manual control on the sides and a modern design.

Which of these items would you like to have in your home?


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