Which one is the best: electric, gas or induction range/cooktop?

Choose the one that may fit better with your lifestyle!

Which one is the best: electric, gas or induction range/cooktop?

Choose the one that may fit better with your lifestyle!

Whichever type of stove you choose, the goal is very clear: to cook. And with their super-developed and thoughtful design, they've been made to last. Differences between the type of fuel connection with gas or electricity, design between conventional and the most modern will lead you to the right one. The three models are designed to be effective in cooking. But there are some advantages and disadvantages among them. For this reason, it is worth knowing the advantages of each one to choose the best one that fits your lifestyle.

Gas Cooktop

The gas was chosen the best in terms of good performance and precision, as they are quickly switched off after the interruption and reach high temperatures faster than an electric stove, for example. We started talking about how versatile these types of stoves are, because they don't depend exclusively on electricity to work, you just need to have a match and that's why they won't let you down. Another advantage is the precision it offers by having a more precise and faster gas output, which can be quickly adjusted.


Those are all the pros, but what about the cons? 

Well, since not everything is perfect, there are some drawbacks to thinking about before you get it. The first disadvantage is the difficulty in cleaning it. Starting with the burners that have cracks that are a little difficult to clean, besides the grillers that require effort to leave them clean.

Electric Cooktop

Electric is in two options, a top made of ceramic glass  with hidden heat element or a coil heating element on top. Their temperature is slower if compared to gas. Electric heating elements  take a while to cool down when turned off too. They are also so easy to be cleaned because there is no crevices or indents present. You can also notice a huge difference in the ambient, because it doesn't generate much ambient heat, keeping your kitchen cooler.


You will depend on electricity to make it work. So if you have an electrical outage, they will be useless. They also take a while to cool down. This is because they can retain heat after they're turned off. We agree on how easy it can be to clean it, on the other hand, it can be easy to damage it too. The are susceptible to damage from scratches or even the ceramic can crack.

Induction Cooking

They also utilize electricity as its fuel source. Although, the difference is that with induction, the heating element is hidden on a smooth top surface and it works through electromagnetism. Induction cooking utilizes a metal coil to produce a transference of heat through induction capable cookware. Basically, any cookware that contains iron will work with induction. It is quite safe as the heating element emits no radiant heat except through appropriate metals, but transient heat will still stay around the cooking area. The residual heat is little to none and will vanish quickly.

Are there any cons?

Induction ranges and cooktops are much more expensive to purchase compared to the other options. Induction cooking requires the right cookware, basically, anything containing iron. It won't work on anything else including copper,  aluminum or glass.

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