Protect your mobile data with these important tips!

Make access difficult, locate your cell phone and preserve your privacy

Protect your mobile data with these important tips!

Make access difficult, locate your cell phone and preserve your privacy

Having your personal information accessed by strangers is one of smartphone owners' biggest fears.

When proper care is not taken, anyone can access important data on their cell phone and do whatever they want with it.

Situations that can happen such as loss of the device, robbery or theft, end up causing a lot of headaches for its owner.

Therefore, by adopting these measures, you can make access to these people very difficult, protect their privacy and even have the opportunity to locate your cell phone. Check out:

mobile screen locked

By locking your Smartphone screen, you can prevent other people from using your device.

It is a very easy feature to configure, which can be done by password with numbers or slider, facial recognition or using one of your fingerprints.

If you have difficulty remembering this sliding password, opt for facial or fingerprint recognition.

Encrypted data

When you encrypt your data, your information will be protected more efficiently.

Especially if you consider the content of your device important.

This feature is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices.

For Android, go to Settings>Security and Location>Advanced>Encryption and Credentials.

iPhone: Settings > Touch ID and Code.

BlackBerry: Settings>Security>Encryption.

Windows Phone 8: Data is encrypted automatically.

However, when you select this function, many devices become slower, precisely because, in order for you to access your information, your cell phone needs to decode it first.

Backup your data

This feature is wonderful as it protects your files, allowing you to retrieve them later, especially if you have a technical problem, loss or theft of your device.

For those with Android, Google offers protection for app information, Wi-Fi passwords, photos and videos, and much more.

Enable this protection by going to Settings>Backup and Restore.

Apple users also have this advantage.

Just go to the iCloud > Storage and Backup page.

Time to configure your apps

In general, apps already have tools that can inhibit anyone from trying to access and post content without your permission.

However, by customizing some settings, you can discover and cancel any suspicious activity.

Facebook, for example, in Settings>Security, has the option "Where Are You Connected", which shows who can be connected to your account and immediately disconnect you.

Locate your Smartphone

Smartphones have a tool that is popularly known as remote resources.

For those with Android, just go to the Google Settings>Android Device Manager app and activate the options.

With your Google account, you can locate your device through a map, lock it and erase your information.

On the iPhone, we have the "Find My iPhone" feature, which shows you where the device is, giving you the option to block the device immediately, send a message so that the person who found it can contact you, or even use the function "Erase iPhone", which deletes all your data.

This is possible by accessing the iCloud>Settings page, for iPods and iPads, and Macs.

However, for this to happen, your cell phone's GPS must be enabled.

This also happens with BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

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