Discover 5 incredible anti-theft backpacks

Comfort and safety in a single product!

Discover 5 incredible anti-theft backpacks

Comfort and safety in a single product!

The backpack is one of the essential items of our day to day, especially if you spend a lot of time away from home. Super versatile and useful, it is extremely important for students who need to carry school supplies or notebooks, as well as for workers who move around urban centers, carrying their important personal items and work equipment.

Whatever your need, we all have a common concern: to protect our belongings from being stolen from our backpacks . Due to the fact that it is carried on the back, it makes it impossible for us to be aware of it all the time.

With that in mind, we've listed the 5 incredible anti-theft backpacks for you to keep your belongings safe. Check out!

Swissland Antitheft Backpack

The highlight goes to two main advantages of this backpack: the main lock is located on the back and and the integrated USB port. In other words, to open the backpack, you need to take it off your back, which makes it impossible for anyone to open it, except you.

The USB port helps you keep your phone safe in your backpack and still listen to your music. It also has padded backs and straps, multiple internal compartments and holds a notebook up to 16 inches. Not to mention its beautiful and discreet design.

Tigernu Antitheft Backpack with Waterproof Notebook USB

With a hidden zipper and back pocket, you will have the security you need to get around without any worries about your belongings. There is another pocket hidden on one side, in addition to 2 other pockets on the handles for carrying cards, for example.

It also has a headphone outlet and USB port, as well as a compartment to carry your water bottle and umbrella. Its material is waterproof and very comfortable and resistant, with internal pockets and space to carry a notebook up to 15 inches.

Anti-Theft G Backpack, DMW Bags, Marvel Iron Man

With compartments hidden by the backpack and the main zipper located on the back, this backpack is designed to protect your belongings. It has two compartments on the back and one on one of the handles for storing frequently used items, such as cash, cards or keys. The straps and back are ergonomic and padded, promoting a lot of comfort, besides being modern and beautiful, with the theme of Iron Man, from Marvel.

Essential 15.6 "Anti-Theft and Water Resistant Backpack - Dell

This backpack is ideal if you are looking for lightness and comfort. With padded shoulder straps and an air mesh panel at the rear, you can carry your backpack in comfort. The anti-theft protection system works as follows: the handles are strategically positioned to make access to the main zipper difficult, giving you more security and confidence to carry your belongings without worry, in addition to other hidden zippers.

It is still water resistant and with graphic prints on the front that reflect when receiving light, increasing visibility at night or in darker environments.

Eagle Bags Anti-Theft Padlock Backpack

This backpack has a beautiful and discreet look, while still being comfortable and spacious. Very practical and safe, it has a password lock, front pocket, compartment on the handle to store small belongings, USB port and holds a notebook up to 15.6 inches. It comes with graphic details that reflect, especially where there is low light, providing more security.

Wherever you go, feel more secure and protected with these beautiful, comfortable and anti-theft backpacks!

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