Men's perfumes that are making people talk

International brands that have become the favorites and with good reason!

Men's perfumes that are making people talk

International brands that have become the favorites and with good reason!

A scented person is as striking as their beauty!

Certain fragrances bring memories, people, places and moments that become unforgettable, even more when it comes to our olfactory memory.

In short, we love smelly people and that includes ourselves!

And speaking of perfumes, there is a variety in fragrances.

When we talk about a floral fragrance , we have a base made with roses, lily, jasmine and gardenias.

Oriental perfumes, on the other hand, have the striking touch of vanilla, with more velvety notes, giving a warm and sensual tone.

Fruity notes of a perfume, it has a powerful citrus aroma, light and fresh.

With notes of oak and moss, the fragrance Gourmand, with the sweetness of Chipré, brings together the freshness of citrus fruits.

On the other hand, we have the woody fragrance which is much less sweet, with dry and warmer notes.

And finally, we have the aquatic aroma, which maintains the lightness and freshness, which is very reminiscent of the smell of the sea.

With this information in hand, get to know the most famous and preferred international perfumes for the male audience:

Aqva Pour Homme - BVLGARI

Lose yourself in this combination of aquatic freshness with citrus notes, which create a striking and unmistakable aroma of Aqva Pour Homme - BVLGARI.

Acqua Di Gio - Armani

Acqua Di Gio is a delicious and sensual perfume, with the elegant and warm touch of wood.

Presence - Mont Blanc

Make your presence felt anywhere, with Presence de Mont BLanc, with the seduction of the Far East, unified in the aromatic notes of sage, apple, ginger and cinnamon.

The Golden Secret - Antonio Banderas

With fruity, refreshing and woody notes of pepper, nutmeg and leather, a striking and unique fragrance of The Golden Secret - Antonio Bandeiras is created.

212 Vip Men - Caroline Herrera

With a modern and creative fragrance, 212 Vip Men by Caroline Herrera, conquers already in the first spray.

Chilled Vodka with Mint, Lime Caviar and King Wood give the fruity tones, freshness and earthy touch that completely envelops those who are bold and vibrant.

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