Argentina: the most vibrant and sensational places to visit

Be captivated by this dazzling country!

Argentina: the most vibrant and sensational places to visit

Be captivated by this dazzling country!

If you want to experience a country rich in natural beauty, with extremely tasty food and captivating people, Argentina is the right destination! Located in South America, Argentina impresses with its diversity of environments, weather and landscapes. You can experience all the tradition and elegance of Buenos Aires, the grandiosity of Iguazú Falls, the imposing mountains of Mendoza and the energizing cold of the beautiful Patagonia. You can't get bored in this beautiful country.

Buenos Aires

Buenos aires is the capital of Argentina, which awakens all the senses: taste and smell, with its succulent meats and outstanding wines. Hearing, with its cheerful songs, characteristic and very musical accent, and sight and touch, with its old buildings with beautiful architecture, well structured squares, where you will find a lot of culture, musicality and fun, as well as witnessing the elegant and sensual tango.

Iguazú National Park - Iguazú Falls

You can contemplate the monumental Iguazú Falls, in the Iguazú National Park, an extensive area of environmental protection that shelters animals in extinction, such as the jaguar, the tapir, among others. While walking through the park, you will be able to see quatis, toucans and harpies along the way, which will bring a feeling of intimacy with nature. When you get to the main waterfall, there is no way to  not be thrilled with such a demonstration of magnificence that the waterfalls boast. Besides all this experience, you will be able to take boat trips near the Falls, ride horses through the trails and much more.

Aconcagua Provincial Park - Mendoza Mountains

The Park is located in the province of Mendoza, where one of the highest mountains in the world is located, with approximately 7 thousand meters of altitude. There you will be able to do short or few days trails, climbing and skiing. All the tours are classified from easy to difficult level, which makes the visit even more interesting. The main trails are Sendero Laguna, Sendero Free, Valle de Horcones, Valle de Vacas and top of Aconcagua mountain. Some of them require more physical preparation to live the most of this adventure. It is worth to get informed to decide which of them will be part of your itinerary.

Argentina Patagonia - Perito Moreno Glacier

The Argentinian Patagonia offers an indescribable experience for those who love wildlife and nature, because it has unique landscapes that look more like pieces of art, its rivers, lagoons, glaciers and snowy peaks can melt the heart of any traveler.  The highlight goes to this city called El Calafate. Despite of being a super cozy and charming city, it also houses Los Glaciares National Park, such as Spegazzinni, O'nelli, Upsala and the most incredible of all: GLaciar Perito Moreno, with 60 meters high, owner of a majestic look that emits characteristic sounds due to the detachment of the ice sheets, which happens in summer. The place is very well structured with footbridges that allow you to observe it only 5 kilometers away. You will be able to navigate through its freezing waters  that lasts about 1 hour and take fabulous pictures that will eternalize those moments.

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