Accessories to cool your dog in the summer

Because they also suffer from the heat!

Accessories to cool your dog in the summer

Because they also suffer from the heat!

Summer can be quite painful if you can't cool off in any way, and this is no different for dogs.

Not to mention that high temperatures also contribute to the proliferation of fleas and ticks, causing pain, itching, discomfort and even illness.

Another problem is that the dog has to work hard to regulate its body temperature, in addition to not being able to perspire all over the body.

Therefore, the need for accessories that can help lower body temperature, offering more quality of life and relief from heat.

So, if you want to improve your best friend's life, check out these accessories that are excellent choices for your puppy:

Bones that refresh

Its composition is quite interesting: non-toxic rubber on the outside and foam on the inside, with small holes.

To cool your puppy, just immerse the bone in fresh or cold water and offer it to your dog.

It will stay hydrated and fresh, while playing with the chilled bone.

Water dispenser

The water dispenser for dogs is an intelligent and very useful accessory, which is activated by a button that is pressed by the dog.

Thus, the water does not stand still and does not lose its freshness.

There is also the portable water bottle for dogs. Indispensable item if you usually walk your dog.

The tip is to always put cold water in both the dispenser and the portable water bottle so that your dog has cooler water.

Cool vests

These cool vests are amazing! They have a gel that has the ability to cool for a long time.

Just put it in the fridge or dip it in cold water for a few minutes.

A fashion and useful item for your best friend.

Refreshing carpet

The first highlight is the fact that you can carry this refreshing rug anywhere, as it is foldable and very light.

Its operation is quite simple: when lying down on it, your dog is able to regulate his body temperature gradually and without suffering.

Swimming pool for dogs

Swimming pools are a great option to face this heat! Whether for humans or pets.

Of course, dog pools have a more resistant material so that your dog is comfortable playing in it.

They also have a different size and height so that your best friend feels safe and free both when entering and leaving.

After all, what we don't do to make our puppy have a better quality of life, right?

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