7 toys to play sports with your child at home

Encourage healthy habits from an early age!

7 toys to play sports with your child at home

Encourage healthy habits from an early age!

Playing a sport can make all the difference in kids' lives!

By having contact with different sports options, children can develop new skills, both physical and social, increasing the possibility of being more active, sociable and confident adults in the future.

We still have to deal with social detachment, which leads us to allow children to spend more time dealing with electronic equipment such as video games, tablets and cell phones.

Fortunately, it is possible to find several options so that our children can get off the couch and play different sports, with a lot of fun.

Check it out:


Boxing is especially suitable for hyperactive children with posture problems.

In addition to improving motor coordination, cardiovascular health and reducing stress.

With this Boxing Plus Kit, you can adjust the appropriate height for the child, it is very easy to assemble and comes with a pair of gloves to practice boxing as soon as you open the box.

Water immersion game

Water sports are great because they work all the muscles in the body, improve memory and motor coordination.

Not to mention how much they contribute positively to breathing.

This water immersion game was created to help children progressively immerse themselves in various levels of depth.

The child has the goal of diving and placing the ball in the various openings that the underwater basket has.


Baseball is essential to develop agility, physical conditioning and improve reflexes.

This Kids Baseball kit encourages kids to give their best bats with the bat, giving them more confidence to train this popular sport.

Bouncing Ball

Toys like this children's jumping ball are recommended for sports gymnastics, encouraging children to move with balance and to challenge themselves to make higher jumps.

Strengthening legs and arms and developing an impressive sense of balance.

Goal Post

Just practicing kicks on goal already brings a huge list of benefits such as increased muscle mass, strengthened bones and decreased stress and depression, which unfortunately has affected many children.

This goal - training and tournament goalpost kit comes with three options: Foul with a barrier, target kick and goal on goal.


Badminton is excellent for muscles, motor coordination, and better physical and respiratory conditioning.

With this Badminton kit for children, children are able to hold rackets tightly (as they were developed in a smaller size) and practice this fun sport.


Basketball is a sport that contributes to the improvement of physical conditioning, strengthens the muscles and helps in breathing.

This children's basketball hoop is all made of plastic and has height adjustment so that little ones can have fun playing too.

Although the focus of this post is toy suggestions for sports, by dedicating a little of your time to play with your children, you will create the best childhood memories that a child can have.

So invest in quality time with your children!

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