5 winter jacket trends 21

Jackets to bet on the coldest season of the year!


5 winter jacket trends 21

Jackets to bet on the coldest season of the year!

With the arrival of the colder days, the coat is an essential piece when creating warm looks, of course stylish and elegant! And a piece capable of transforming any production, even the simplest ones.
The models can be classic and timeless, or models that are a super trend in street style and catwalks, it doesn't matter, the jacket will always be a key piece in winter.
But with so many options available, we may be in doubt as to which one is really worth investing in.
To help you with that! I have separated 5 jacket options that are worth betting this season!



You know that outdated "grandmother's jacket", well, it has gained new versions, and has been winning the hearts of many fashionistas. It promises to be one of the great fall / winter trends 21.
When choosing your cardigan, choose models that best match your style. Because it is a simple model, you can vary in length, textures and even prints.


Cropped blazer is the coolest trend of autumn 2021, the perfect meet between modernity and elegance, and a piece that has become a favorite among trendsetters.
Appearing in several versions, the most elegant in sober tones and more rigid modeling, making compositions in sets of tailoring pants or skirt, or in more colorful versions used with a pair of jeans or short jeans.


The puffer jackets are classic pieces of winter sports! They are made of nylon, super light, fluffy and warm, of course a delight to use. They were a trend of last season and promise to continue with everything.
They can be combined with a stripped and sporty look or even with more classic pieces making a very cool composition. My favorites are the ones with very vibrant colors, and for you, which one is your favorite?


The leather jacket, besides being stylish, is a classic and timeless piece that never goes out of style, which is in the wardrobe of almost all women. It allows you to compose cooler looks, in addition to being super versatile, and can be used in various compositions on a daily basis or for productions at night.
If you don't have yours yet, now is the time to invest!


The trench coat for me is synonymous with elegance, a timeless piece that leaves any sophisticated production. The more classic colors like beige, black and navy this season leave space for the colorful and print. This winter the bets are: vibrant colors like green, yellow and pink, checkered maxi and leather. What's your favorite?

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