We need to talk about "Cruelty Free" products

Find out why this term is so important!

We need to talk about "Cruelty Free" products

Find out why this term is so important!

With a deeper awareness and search for more sustainable consumption, many people have been looking for alternatives to effectively collaborate with the environment, to reduce the environmental impact and even help improve the lives of animals that undergo chemical procedures that are long overdue. resemble torture.

With that in mind, many companies have adopted a new way of attesting to the safety and effectiveness of their products, and for this reason they carry the "Cruelty Free" seal.

Meet the Cruelty Free movement

Cruelty Free, means "cruelty free", and this word "cruelty" although shocking, expresses well what many animals suffer from these tests and their most diverse reactions, such as severe allergies, pain and even being sacrificed at the end of all this traumatic experience.

The Cruelty Free movement defends that, with all the advanced and developed technology that we have at our disposal, it is possible to carry out tests that are as effective as those carried out on animals.

So, how to test without using animals?

Many companies that have already adopted this practice and the Cruelty Free seal, do their tests with the help of artificial intelligence, creating skin, gum and eye tissues in the laboratory.

There are also top-of-the-line software and computer systems to perform simulations and calculate possible reactions in humans, very efficiently.

Others carry out tests in vitro or with human volunteers, which have the advantage of being able to express levels of discomfort and pain, for example.

How to recognize the Cruelty Free seal?

The Cruelty Free seal is represented by the image of a bunny, one of the most used animals in these tests.

When this seal is applied to products and brands, it is proven that these companies are engaged and committed and extinguish in their processes, any form of cruelty to animals.

With the image of a bouncing rabbit, Leaping Bunny is an important label and probably the oldest that was created with Cruelty Free International, an organization that fights valiantly against animal testing.

Fortunately, there are many brands that have pursued and adopted this Cruelty Free idea.

And it's not just in the cosmetics area (perfumes, lipsticks, moisturizers). This is because personal care products (such as shampoos, toothpastes and deodorants, for example), cleaning and laundry products, as well as fashion and chemicals (such as paint or car items), have also been produced, following this concept.

By choosing products and brands that carry the Cruelty Free seal, you collaborate with a genuine and essential movement for the well-being of these animals that suffer so much and spend their whole lives wasting away in small cages, in the most diverse laboratories around the world.

By clicking here, you will have access to a list of companies with the Cruelty Free seal and also those that do not yet have the seal.

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