Makeup trend for winter 2021

Charm and a lot of elegance, side by side with striking and seductive colors!

Makeup trend for winter 2021

Charm and a lot of elegance, side by side with striking and seductive colors!

We are still facing the pandemic, which does not allow us to show our faces completely.

For this reason, the makeup trend for the winter of 2021 comes very focused on marked and smoky eyes, with vibrant colors and seductive features .

And winter is a super friend of makeup, because its low temperatures contribute to a longer makeup duration compared to summer, when we sweat more and depending on the quality of the makeup, we are unable to keep the makeup on the face for long.

Another advantage is that most makeups have moisturizers that help keep the skin smoother and hydrated, even in winter, where the tendency is to have more dry skin.

So, check out these beautiful trends for the winter of 2021 and get ready for the most charming season of the year!

Highlight for your look

Colors like dark blue, brown, black and wine are undoubtedly the darlings of the season!

The suggestion is to bet on smoky eyes, giving more depth and highlighting the look.

But if you prefer to dare ...

Shadows with more vibrant colors such as green, purple or blue, can enter this winter, as a more elaborate option for social events or a happy hour, for example.

Use these colored eyeshadows in a single shade or in the form of a gradient.

Healthy and hydrated skin

There's no point in doing that glamorous eye makeup and having super dry skin.

The secret of any makeup professional is to prepare the skin well so that it can receive elaborate productions, but with that more natural effect on the skin.

Hydrate and brighten your skin with a good moisturizer for the face, primer, foundation (we recommend the most creamy ones) and if you prefer, an illuminator.

Always beautiful lips

Many people do not care for their lips the way they should.

Even though masks hide our lips at the moment, they need attention and care, especially in winter.

Some lip balms offer color and flavor options, but if you can't live without a lipstick, more creamy textures are the tip of the season.

As the focus of this season's makeup is on the eyes, it is important to balance your lips gently, using more earthy colors.

More natural eyebrows

For this winter, the eyebrows appear less marked, however, without losing its outline.

If you like to use eyebrow pencil or gel, make smoother strokes.

After all, eyebrows are the queens for a striking look.

In other words, the trend for makeup - winter 2021 aims to highlight and enhance people's beauty, with great health and balance.

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