5 basic camping items for those who love adventure

They will help you have a great experience in the middle of nature!

5 basic camping items for those who love adventure

They will help you have a great experience in the middle of nature!

There are many good reasons for camping: get out of the rut, get distracted from problems and stress, reconnect with nature or even challenge yourself in an environment other than what you are used to. The fact is that, in order to experience this unique and wonderful experience, you always think of items that can be useful for you in a camping trip.

So, I have separated some suggestions so that you only worry about enjoying those moments in the middle of nature, packed with the sounds of birds, and who knows, presented with a sensational sunset?

Our dear tent!

The tent is our shelter, that place where you feel warm and safe. And not just any tent does all of that. It is important to note if:

  • the tent is waterproof (you don't want to wake up in the middle of the night all wet and cracking cold, don't you?)
  • Good ventilation (so you don't feel suffocated).
  • The right size, especially if you plan to share it with one or more people.

My suggestion is the Nautika Cherokee Tent!

This Igloo-style tent is very easy to set up, has great strength and durability. Its roof is waterproofed, with anti-fungal fabric, preventing any water infiltration and proliferation of fungi.

It also has a mosquito net which, because it is thin, does not let any insects pass and still leaves the tent ventilated, in addition to accommodating up to 4 people comfortably.

Thermal insulating mat

Although the name is great, its function is simple, but very important: to keep us warm and comfortable inside our tents.

There are those who think it is an unnecessary item, but if you have already camped in the middle of the bush or in the mountains (which can reach temperatures close to or below 0 °), you know how cold it can be if you don't have the right equipment.

This Smart Black Cheetah Self-Inflating Thermal Insulation Mat is lightweight, thermally insulated and self-inflating. That's right! Just release the filling valve and watch the mat expand itself.

It occupies little space in your backpack and will be your great ally in your adventures in nature.

Camping Tent Light

I have a similar one and I can say that it is super useful. This tent camping light can be hung both inside and outside the tent.

It was developed to extend the life of your battery, which is great, as it will save you from holding your cell phone flashlight to locate objects or even illuminate your camp, for example.


Many people prefer to make campfires for cooking, but if it is a rainy or damp day, you will hardly be able to cook something over a fire. So we have the stove.

You can literally cook anything with it! This Nautika trail cooker is small, light and works very well as a stove top. You can regulate the flame and prepare your meals very safely. You can use ordinary cookware or silicone camping cookware like the SEA TO SUMMIT X-Pot 4L Pot.

Portable water purifier

If your camp is far away and you have access to water from rivers and waterfalls, it is important to have one of these with you. It makes the water drinkable and 99% free of impurities. The most common is the portable water purifier for camping. It has a light and efficient water filter system, in addition to removing bacteria and reducing water turbidity.

Now that you know what to pack for camping, take the time to build good memories!

You can find these and other camping items on amazon.com !

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