How to Choose an Electric Faucet for Your Kitchen

And more: the best models for your home!

How to Choose an Electric Faucet for Your Kitchen

And more: the best models for your home!

Anyone who has ever had to wash dishes, using a cold water tap, knows what suffering it is, doesn't it?

Even my knuckles ache from the cold!

And to keep a house organized and clean, some essential tasks need to be done, such as washing dishes, for example.

What can be much easier (hot water is a powerful ally for removing grease from pans and dishes), as well as being much more pleasant.

Nowadays, we can find several models, powers, colors and different technologies in electric faucets, which can make the simple task of choosing an electric faucet more difficult.

Therefore, to make the right choice, it is necessary to pay close attention to some details.

Starting with the type of installation (bench or wall), available temperature levels (there are models that offer cold, warm, hot and super hot), power (depending on the power, the cost of electricity can be lower) and how much to spout can be flexible (easily move sideways).

And talking about spending on electricity, the fact is that the electric faucet has a resistance and, to simplify, it works like this: the higher the power, the better the heating, however, those with lower power heat the water less and, consequently , use less energy.

Another important issue is that you will find models with voltages of 110 and 220V, but most engineers recommend choosing the 220V model.

Electricity consumption is the same, however, 220V models save cables, which have to be thinner.

Electric faucets are found with fixed or mobile spout models.

If your sink has a deeper tub, opt for low spouts, since high and straight spouts are more used in shallower tubs.

Now, speaking of a mobile spout, there is no way to deny the practicality it offers, as it offers the possibility of directing water, according to your needs.

Well, after you know everything you need about the electric faucet, how about meeting some amazing models? Check out:

Loren Easy Electric Faucet – Lorenzetti

The Loren Easy electric faucet from Lorenzetti is one of the best in terms of cost-effectiveness, besides having a beautiful design and the undisputed quality of the Lorenzetti brand.

It comes with 4 temperature levels, which makes it very easy to control the water heating, according to your need.

Chrome-Plated Versatile Electric Faucet – Lorenzetti

This other model, Lorenzetti's Chromed Versatile Electric Faucet, has a high, mobile spout and an aerator that can be articulated, offering a steady and stable water jet.

Its modern chrome design draws attention and adds a touch of charm to your kitchen.

SenseTop Electric Faucet – Tramontina

Tramontina's SenseTop Electric Faucet can be installed both on the wall and on the bench, it has a spout with 360 degrees rotation, multi-temperature and an incredible power of 6500W.

Super modern and with an anti-waste system, its aerator is efficient that can help save up to 50% of water.

Prime Electronic Faucet – Zagonel

The Zagonel Prima Electronic Faucet is one of the most modern models in the category.

That's because it has a touch system for changing the temperature gradually.

It works as follows: by touching the “+” icon, the water is heated and the indicator light becomes redder; by touching the “-” icon, the water is cooled and the indicator light becomes bluer.

It's beautiful and one of the most desired on the market.


Slim 4T Multi-Temperature Faucet – Hydra

Hydra's Slim 4T Multi-Temperature Faucet is compact and contemporary in design.

It offers 4 temperature levels and has a detachable spout and an articulated aerator, which makes handling your household chores uncomplicated.

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