What is the most effective mask to protect from Covid-19?

In addition to social distancing and hand hygiene, wearing the mask is crucial!

What is the most effective mask to protect from Covid-19?

In addition to social distancing and hand hygiene, wearing the mask is crucial!

There is nothing new in saying that the mask is essential to contain the Covid-19.

Because, in addition to preventing the person from transmitting Coronavirus to others, it also creates a barrier, preventing saliva droplets containing viral particles from coming into contact with the cells of the oral and nasal mucosa.

For this reason, its use is essential when leaving the house.

Experts say that the most efficient masks are those made with three fabrics.

The first 2 layers must be cotton and the outside in polyester or polypropylene.

As for the coverage area, the mask must cover the chin, mouth and nose completely, always adhered to the skin.

And to keep it tight, it can be clipped to your ears or tied to the back of your head.

How long can I use it?

Home masks (those made of fabric) should be worn for a maximum of 4 hours.

While professional ones, such as the surgical mask and N95 must be used according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

It is noteworthy that the efficiency of the mask is directly linked to basic care such as: time of use, hygiene and good adherence to the skin.

Attention when removing it

Always hold the mask by the elastic band or its edges.

Never touch the middle of it, because if your hands are already contaminated, there is a good chance of carrying the virus directly into your mouth or nose.

Therefore, always clean your hands with alcohol gel or soap and water, before touching your face.

How to wash them correctly

The first guideline is to immediately put the mask in a bucket of diluted bleach for 20 minutes or put it in the machine to be washed in the complete cycle, with soap.

Then let it dry in the sun, and preferably use an iron when it is dry.

What are the types of masks?

The mask for professional use is the most suitable for going to places such as hospitals or a place with a high concentration of people.

For a daily routine, such as going to a bakery or a store, fabric masks fulfill their role well.

If possible, prioritize the 3-layer model.

PFF2 or N95

The PFF2 or N95 is considered the best option in terms of protection.

This model can filter up to 95% of the air.

More popularly known as a surgical mask, it is commonly used in surgical procedures.

Made in special TNT, it must be used 1x and then discarded.

Face Shield

Face Shield is a protection made of acrylic, which protects the eyes and is an excellent option for professionals who need to have contact with the general public.

However, she does not rule out the need to wear a protective mask.

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