7 looks with Chunky boots

Get Inspired by Top Boot Trends for Autumn/Winter 2021


7 looks with Chunky boots

Get Inspired by Top Boot Trends for Autumn/Winter 2021

With the arrival of the cold and the rainy days, the boots are appearing on the streets and there is an immense desire to buy new boots, at least for me!!!
And speaking of trends, the keyword for boots this winter is comfort and the highlight goes to Chunky boots. A super young and cool boot, with the look of military or protective shoes.
The novelty of the time is in the soles where the more robust and treated the better, leaving the upper part more discreet. Attention to the chelsea models, which are those with elastic on the side without laces and also for the off-white and military colors.
If you are unsure how to use these heavier models, don't worry, I've put together a selection of looks to inspire you.
The list is filled with comfortable combinations and styles, with a touch of versatility. In addition, most of the looks can be used in winter or mid-season. After all, who else out there loves a boot with a skirt look?
Legs on display! A great option is to wear boots in mid-season and winter, with skirts, dresses or shorts that give a more youthful and cool look.
In this selection I separated 4 ways to use chunky:

1st No socks, with oversized uppers and/or longer jackets.

2nd With miniskirts or shorts and dark socks, giving a more rock feel.

3rd With cyclist shorts is a more fashionista option, which you can combine with leather jackets or knitwear.

4th With pieces midis or long skirts and a great tip for those who don't like to wear short pieces, but love a dress.

With pants, normally when we think of combat boots we immediately think of that look of black skinny plus wool coat, isn't it? At least for me!
But to show you that we can use with different models I separated 3 other options on how to wear boots with pants.

1st Baggy, position, jogger, whatever the model of the pants, the important thing is to create volume in the legs and give it a more street or masculine look.

2nd Super skinny, in the same footprint as cyclist shorts. Here, gym leggings synonymous with comfort, becomes a desire look where the important thing is to value the boot, making it look like it's a bigger number than your foot.

3rd Straight pants and jeans (my favorites!) of medium length that usually go up to the top of the boot.

Bonus tip

*Heights of pipes: Usually the boots are at the beginning of the shin, but this season they have gained a few centimeters and can be seen in the middle of the shin or just below the knee.
* Light boots: I know it's love it or hate it, but the light boots have gained a lot of strength this season. Before they were in the mix of white and black, which are still very welcome, and now in full color versions of off White.
So what's your favorite look?
Didn't you really want to go out and buy new boots?
I confess that I love a new boot, I like the smooth expecto of the new leather.

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