Winter heaters

Are good? How do they work? Do they consume a lot of energy? Find out all about them!

Winter heaters

Are good? How do they work? Do they consume a lot of energy? Find out all about them!

The arrival of winter brings us several sensations ...

When walking through the streets, you notice an elegance in the way people dress, with their coats, boots, scarves, caps and gloves.

But, what about at home?

Well, wearing this type of clothing indoors is not at all comfortable, and it is in those moments when we realize how super useful a space heater can be.

Do you know that feeling of relief that you feel when you enter a room cooled by an air conditioner, on very hot days?

The same is true when you have a heater on very cold days.

Despite the low temperatures outside, you feel good, cozy and warm in the comfort of your home.

With a variety of models available on the market, it is worth knowing a little more about how each model works and for what type of environment it is best suited for, so choose the best option for you!

Starting with the environments

First, you need to choose the location where the heater will be positioned.

An example of this is that heaters in environments where the floor is ceramic, stones and porcelain, need to be more powerful than one where the place has wooden floors, carpets or laminates.

There are heaters suitable for outdoor areas such as balconies, others for indoor environments and even some that need the environment to be more open and ventilated.

The function of a space heater

The space heater was developed to raise the temperature of the room, making it more warm and pleasant, especially on cold days such as winter.

Gas heater

This model, the gas heater is recommended for heating larger environments, such as shops and restaurants, maintaining a pleasant and constant temperature.

It has a thermostat that turns it on and off automatically, is connected to a gas and is not recommended for small environments with limited ventilation.

Ceramic heater

With a protective grid made of ceramic, this device spreads the heat evenly through a fan.

The ceramic heater is highly praised because it makes little noise and can be found in wall-mounted or portable versions.

Oil heater

The main advantage of this type of heater is that it does not dry out the environment, in addition to making a minimum of noise.

The oil heater has a resistance that heats the oil, making it circulate and heat the metal tubes.

It heats the environment completely, efficiently.

Incandescent heater

This model is considered the most affordable, on the other hand, it ends up consuming more electricity.

The incandescent heater is recognized for its exposed resistance and protected by a grid.

Although it warms up quickly, the heat is limited around the device, not suitable for environments with children or animals.

Air conditioning

There is a specific model of air conditioning that has a "reverse cycle", that is, it can cool an environment as well as heat it up as well.

This air conditioning model is perfect for those who live in places with extreme temperatures such as intense heat in the summer and freezing cold in the winter.

Being considered a great investment, in addition to maintaining air quality.

Do heaters consume a lot of energy?

There are models that consume more energy than others, but some factors, such as leaving the room closed ( with the exception of gas heaters), can optimize the performance of the device, reducing the cost of electricity.

However, it is important to remember that it is necessary to have a little ventilation so that there is no damage to health.

This is because some devices dry out the environment, which is complicated for those who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems, for example.

Experts suggest that in the same environment where the heater is located, there is also an air humidifier.

A warm home is an invitation to relax and enjoy yourself, isn't it?

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