Using your smartphone to work from home!

Smartphone accessories to make your job easier

Using your smartphone to work from home!

Smartphone accessories to make your job easier

For those people who work from home, a good laptop and smartphone make their lives easier. The laptop is usually quite complete, but for those who use the smartphone to work very often, we have listed some accessories that will further optimize the work of those who need to work from home.

Wireless Cell Phone Charger

This type of technology works by electromagnetic induction and therefore the wire is dispensable. Its use is quite simple, just place your smartphone on a platform and immediately, it starts charging. It is very practical and easy to use.

Smartphone Tripod

For those who need to make internet transmissions, the tripods are a great ally. They give your smartphone stability so you can record videos, make video calls and produce photos. Some even offer a led light to make your transmissions brighter.

Pop Socket

PopSocket is fixed to the back of your smartphone, which gives you more stability to hold it. It also serves to fix your smarphone on any surface. This accessory is very effective to make your life easier in video conferences.

Wi-Fi projector

This projector turns the mobile phone screen into a big screen, similar to a television. This is done by connecting it to your smartphone via wifi. This makes it easier to present projects in meetings made from home, for example.

Smartphone keyboard

This accessory is ideal for those who don't have a laptop and need to work from home. Typing long messages or emails on your smartphone can be tiring and difficult because of the size of the letters and also because of the difficulty in holding the phone. That's why the tip is to use this Bluetooth-powered keyboard, making typing text on your smartphone faster and easier .

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