Tired of Florida theme parks?

Check out these fun and unusual places in Florida!

Tired of Florida theme parks?

Check out these fun and unusual places in Florida!

 When we think of Florida, the first thing that comes to our minds are the famous theme parks, a dream of 99 percent of children and why not, of adults too? Many places in this American state have been developed and designed to create a universe of entertainment for their visitors, which attracts people from all over the world who want to experience these moments of leisure, fun, relaxation and culture, which makes people plan to visit it at least once a year. But we know that  routine gets us tired and so, we decided to share with you, some incredible places to get out of the routine in Florida!

Air Boat na Everglades National Park

Although it's a bit far from Orlando, the ride is really worth it. After all, having the privilege of visiting an American Pantanal, full of crocodiles, deer and jaguars, besides all the adrenaline felt in this tour, will make this experience, a memorable event! The boat has a very big engine, which reminds us a fan, which when turned on, gives this feeling of flying over the waters. There are always available tickets  and the time to wait to board is at most,  of 30 minutes. Some tourist agencies offer transportation to the place and their employees are praised for their cordiality and friendliness!



Wonderworks is an educational park with attractions that interact with its visitors. Its frontage attracts attention because it is an upside down building, but don't worry: inside is everything in its place! WonderWorks is divided into 6 environments: physical challenge, light and sound, space discovery, natural disasters, imagination lab and art gallery from beyond. The place gives its visitors the opportunity to experience some interesting sensations like feeling the temperature of the sea water when the Titanic ship sank, what it's like to be in the middle of a hurricane or earthquake, or even build a virtual roller coaster and then experience it virtually, of course! The ride is guaranteed fun for the whole family!

Kennedy Space Center

NASA's Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, located 1 hour from Orlando, is the place to be if you dream of living unique experiences as a true astronaut! Believe it or not, you can even watch a rocket launch, chat with NASA veterans, enjoy interactive flight simulators, see the rocket garden and much more! There's also a playground there for the little ones to have fun too, as well as restaurants and shops to bring a souvenir from this very special place. This includes, keychains, small ships and even astronaut clothes.

Bahia Honda State Park

This is a beautiful park with crystal clear waters and very refreshing beaches. Well structured, with bars, restaurants, bathrooms and places to shelter from the sun, this is the right place for those who can't resist a beach. By the way, there are two beaches, one on each side of the park. Diving or kayaking, makes the day worthwhile in this place. Because it is a closed park, the entrance is paid, but prices are  very accessible, getting cheaper according to the number of people in a group, for example. Even on cloudy days, the park draws attention for its beauty and tranquility.

Fort Lauderdale

Also known as the Venice of America, this city will win your heart! It is all divided by canals, so it will be common to see people moving through the canals in their boats. You will also have the opportunity to connect with nature at Flamingo Garden, with many species of exotic animals and plants. Visiting its beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, swimming, diving and enjoying the rich gastronomy and art of the Downtown neighborhood will certainly make you have good memories, lots of fun and want to return to Fort Lauderdale in the next opportunity.

It's worth looking out for Florida once again, don't you think?

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