tidy in the living room... 4 ideas of looks for you to wear this Christmas

4 look ideas for you to wear this Christmas


tidy in the living room... 4 ideas of looks for you to wear this Christmas

4 look ideas for you to wear this Christmas

It's only 3 days before Christmas and, at this point in the championship, you either already have your look on your head or you still barely know where to start. If you checked the second option, don't worry, we're here to help you on this mission, because it's not because you're going to spend Christmas in the living room at home that you're going to do this in your pajamas, right...

Slip dress and sneakers:

Let's start with a look that is super easy to reproduce, looks really cool and very comfortable. The slip dress tends to be a lighter and more versatile dress. It looks great in high heels when the idea is a sexier and more elegant look. But if you're looking for comfort, you can bet on the production with sneakers that will look amazing.

Are you in doubt? Go together!

Want something easier to get right at the time of production than a set? It's a look that has no mistakes, not least because they were pieces that were thought together. And then you can use the proposal you like the most. Set of shorts and blazer, set of pants and cropped, tailoring set. No matter your choice, it will be right.


Want something more Christmas than wearing red? If you want to be 100% in the Christmas mood, just bet on all red production or maybe red + jeans, which gives a more relaxed air to a cool, but very comfortable production.

If you want to convey the idea that everything worked out in 2021 to that relative you haven't seen since 2019 (although that's not quite true) the right bet is the overalls. If he's pantaloon, so much the better. The jumpsuit has the power to convey sophistication for extremely simple productions, in addition to being extremely comfortable.

Now tell me, which of our inspirations was your favorite?

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