Leather clothing - versatility for all seasons

And you thought you could only use leather in the winter, didn't you?

Leather clothing - versatility for all seasons

And you thought you could only use leather in the winter, didn't you?

Leather never goes out of style and there is a reason for that!

It is an item that can be used all day, always giving a modern and youthful touch , which can come in both a more elegant model and a more trendy model.

Who has never felt the best in a beautiful leather jacket and at the same time, protected from the cold?

Hence the limitation that we have given to leather since then.

But now, I want to show you the potential that leather has to be used in all seasons, and that includes, of course, summer.

Doubt? Look that:

The difference of leather for the summer is in the looser cuts, which give more lightness and subtlety to the look.

Shorts and skirts with high waist, looser dresses, t-shirts with leather details in the pockets or sleeves, give a super special and stripped touch.

Leather skirts

The leather skirt is very versatile and can be combined with shirts, t-shirts, lace and tank tops.

A big joker, especially for the summer.

Leather shorts

The great thing about leather shorts is having a balance in textures.

As leather is a heavier material, you can use lighter, loose blouses, or even tank tops and bodies.

Harmonizing your look without passing heat.

Leather pants

We cannot deny that it is a pair of pants, (it heats up) and that, for this reason, leather pants are more appropriate to be worn in the late afternoon or at dusk.

The tip is the same for leather shorts, that is, balance it with a lighter piece, such as looser T-shirts, shirts with light fabrics and tank tops.

Leather Dresses

There are models of leather dresses that are so beautiful, they can be used both during the day and at night.

For the day, combine it with a t-shirt or shirt underneath and at night, bet only on it to rock anywhere!

No storage of leather clothes for winter use, huh?

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