Is your baby giving these signs?

Then it might be the right time to start the unfurling!

Is your baby giving these signs?

Then it might be the right time to start the unfurling!

It doesn't matter if you have 1 or more children, knowing the right time to unfurl your baby is always a challenge!

Even if the subject has a certain complexity, you are able to conduct this process so that it is as natural and fluid as possible.

However, the crucial point for this to happen, is to recognize the signals that your baby has given and then start this process of unfurling.

First sign: you are in the age group for this process

Pediatricians consider that the recommended age for unfurling is from 18 months of age.

However, we know that it is not something that well calculated. Some outbursts may occur before that, depending on the child's physical and emotional development.

This minimum age is a starting point to better observe your baby's abilities as a whole, and then recognize the right moment.

There's pee and poop here!

If your little one already tells you when the diaper is dirty with poop or pee, it could be a great sign!

Exactly because he is beginning to understand when to do his needs and that they should not be "touched" in his body.

There are children who also show this sign, when they are curious to use the potty or the toilet.

Specific moments during the day

If you can already know the times of the day when your little one tends to poop, then it shows that he can exert some control over your needs.

A good tip is when he spends a lot of time with a clean diaper, however, it can vary from child to child.

Gets annoyed with a dirty diaper

This restlessness when noticing that the diaper is dirty is another great sign.

For this reason, if he behaves in this way, notifying him that the diaper is dirty, asking to take it off at all times, or taking it off himself, it is a great opportunity to start this process.

Motor coordination developed

To get out of diapers, your baby needs to be able to balance well while standing, sitting up easily and walking.

These are physical signs that he will be able to experience this unfurling process with more confidence, comfort and ease.

And above all...

Patience and a lot of affection!

Do not be deceived! The beginning of the process is quite challenging.

You'll have to deal with pee-soaked clothes and mattresses, plus your little one's cry of frustration.

But everything will be overcome by being patient and using affirmative words like " It's okay, let's get some dry clothes? " or "Will you let me know when you feel like peeing?"

Warmer seasons can help with the issue of many changing clothes, as your baby will be able to wear lighter clothes, making it easier and faster to wash and dry them.

a lot of respect

You've already been shown some signs to start the unfurling process, but only you know your baby!

If you feel like it's not time yet, don't be afraid to put it off.

Respecting your little one's limitations will give them more confidence, comfort and security to face this process naturally.

Make this moment a routine

Despite being a physiological necessity, peeing or pooping can have a routine.

Your baby will get used to going to the bathroom at certain times of the day and it is very important that, if possible, there are no changes in this routine such as going out, for example.

Listen to your child, communicate with him and you will see the result of all this!

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