Electric Epilator: Is It Worth It?

Myths and truths about this type of hair removal

Electric Epilator: Is It Worth It?

Myths and truths about this type of hair removal

If you want to get rid of hair, the options are many!

Pulsed light, cold or hot wax, depilatory creams, razor or laser hair removal...

With a greater or lesser investment, some of these options can cause skin irritations or even ones that cause a little pain or make a mess.

Fortunately, the electric epilator has been evaluated as one of the most viable options, considering its cost-effectiveness.

After all, it is the type of product in which a certain amount is invested, and which will be used indefinitely.

How does it work?

The electric epilator was developed to remove hairs from the root, making them take longer to grow, not to mention those models with pulsed light that, through heat, weaken the hair.

The hair removal process is done by means of small springs or discs that act as tweezers, pulling the hair by the root, in different parts of the body, such as arms, legs, fluff, belly, back and intimate regions.

There are models that can also be used at bath time, for those who usually shave at bath time.

Easy and convenient to use

However, before purchasing one of these, it is important to note whether the chosen model can be used to remove hair all over the body or not.

Some electric epilators are exclusively for the legs, while others can be used in the intimate area, for example.

Removing hair at the root can cause some discomfort, so you can choose models that come with a massage system to alleviate this uncomfortable feeling.

To help you clear up some doubts about the electric epilator, I have separated some of the most common questions about this device:

Is the hair removal process quick?

Not! Despite being an electrical appliance, it is necessary to handle it with care and attention.

After all, it was developed to remove hairs smoothly and constantly.

Abrupt movements can compromise the efficiency of the device and cause skin damage.

Does this process cause a lot of pain?

The issue of pain is quite relative.

For example, there are people who cannot stand waxing, while others find the pain quite bearable.

There are reports of people who get used to the device's hair removal system and no longer feel pain.

It depends a lot on your sensitivity to pain, but one thing is for sure: it's a tolerable pain, especially if you take into account the duration of the hair removal.

And speaking of duration...

By removing hair from the root, epilation has a longer lasting effect, which can reach up to a month.

Are hypoallergenic

Because they have hypoallergenic discs, the possibility of allergies or itching is minimized.

Worth the investment?

If you take into account all the expense with other hair removal methods and the lasting effect they have or not, you will find that having an electric epilator can be a great opportunity to get rid of hair and with the benefit of being done by you and in the comfort of your home.

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