Bike seat

Check out the models and choose the best one to walk with your child!

Bike seat

Check out the models and choose the best one to walk with your child!

When I was a child, I simply loved it when my uncle carried me in the trunk of his bicycle.

He went downhill, activated his "speed" mode and our rides were pure adrenaline.

Although today as a mother I think these adventures were somewhat dangerous, they are undoubtedly some of the best memories of my childhood.

And speaking of good memories, taking a child on your bicycle is a wonderful time to live with the family, in addition to encouraging them to practice physical exercises and enjoy nature.

Nowadays, in order to transport a child as safely as possible on a bicycle, it is important that he wears a helmet and is in a specific seat, which is in accordance with his size and that he fits his bicycle well.

With several models available, it is necessary to get to know them better in order to make the right choice. Come on?

Front Seat

The front bike seat can carry children up to 15 kilos.

Taking into account that this child is already able to firm his spine and neck alone.

The front bike seat is installed on the handlebars of the bike or in its upper tube, placing the child between the arms of the adult.

It is very comfortable, with support and safety belt for the feet, iron support for the hands and belt to be fastened on your waist.

Rear Seat

The differential of this rear bike seat is that you can transport children weighing more than 15 kilos.

It is installed in the bicycle rack, and also has a seat belt and footrest.

The car seat offers comfort and safety, leaving the child quiet to enjoy his bike ride.

Bicycle Trailer

This Bicycle Trailer is a consumer dream for kids.

As its name says, it is a small trailer that is attached to the back of the bicycle.

It is spacious, comfortable, protects against the sun and rain and fits more than one child.

It is essential to say that it is not recommended for babies because they do not have belts or specific seats for them.

Adjustable bike seat

Made of carbon steel, this adjustable bike seat is sturdy and highly durable.

It supports up to 50 kilos, has a seat belt and anatomical seat.

It can also be used to transport small loads and is indicated for bikes from rim 26 to 29.

Cycling is a delight and with the best company it is sensational!

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