7 bicycle accessories you need to have

Guarantee a perfect experience with your bike!

7 bicycle accessories you need to have

Guarantee a perfect experience with your bike!

Although many have had difficulties to overcome sedentary lifestyle, there are still people who have taken courage and left the house a little more to walk, run and cycle. These physical activities are very good for the body and mind, bringing more health and well-being.

And speaking of cycling, did you know that in an hour cycling, you can burn up to 500 calories ? Besides the wonderful production of endorphins, which is the hormone that promotes well-being.

And to ensure that your training or even leisure time is perfect and hassle free , we have listed some incredible accessories for your bike. Check out!

Fdrirect Waterproof Cell Phone Holder for Bicycle

Made of waterproof material, this bag is ideal for placing your cell phone while you cycle. On the front, it has a transparent protection that is sensitive to touch, so you can access your cell phone at any time. There is also a phone outlet and double zippers to ensure that water does not enter the bag on rainy days.

By having an efficient storage space, you can keep your wallet, small tools, and even a tire pump. It has a great fixation, resisting vibrations and sudden movements. In addition to all this, its design is beautiful and modern.

Tool kit Multitool 15 functions for bicycle Material in ABS and Carbon Steel Black Atrio - BI032

Did you have a problem with your bike and need tools to solve it? This toolkit is a must have with you. It has 15 functions, namely: three sockets with ¼, 8 mm, 9 mm and 10 mm sockets, three 8 mm, 10 mm and 15 mm spanners, six 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm Allen wrenches and 6 mm. Its material is carbon steel, which makes it super resistant and useful.

Tramontina - Portable Bicycle Air Pump

With all the quality of Tramontina, this portable air pump was developed to be efficient and to be able to carry it anywhere, whether on outings or sports. It is lightweight and comes with support and screws to secure it to your bike. You can use it with Presta type valves (those with a nozzle) and American type valves (those with a standard style).


This accessory guarantees safety and protection for your bicycle. Its internal part is all made of steel, to offer resistance and efficiency and the external part is made of silicone, so that its handling is comfortable and practical. With 240 mm long and 180 mm wide, you will feel safer if you need to leave your bike somewhere, for a few moments.

Fdrirect Cell Phone Holder for Bicycle with LED Bicycle Light

The highlight for this support is the powerful LED light, which illuminates environments with low or no brightness very well. Feel safe to ride with good visibility. But not only that! This support also comes with USB charging, it is waterproof, it has cell phone support and it comes with an audible alarm (works as a type of horn) with 5 types of sounds to warn someone or a driver about your proximity.

Zacro gel bike seat cover - extra soft gel bike seat

Nobody deserves to ride a seat on a hard and uncomfortable seat. This can negatively affect your exercise and cause further pain. Therefore, we recommend this accessory that is made of gel, is ergonomic and resistant to water and dust. It can be installed on most bicycle seats and will guarantee an extremely comfortable and pleasant experience on your bicycle.

Honelife Water-resistant bicycle saddle bag Bicycle under seats Rear light pouch for cycling accessories

This accessory is the famous "3 in 1": Bag, bottle holder and rear light. Its main compartment has plenty of space to store essential items for cyclists or adventurers. Its LED light and reflective elements increase safety by giving more visibility to those who need to see the cyclist. And the bottle holder ensures hydration, especially on these hot days.

These manufacturers thought of everything, didn't they?

Ride safely, comfortably and with these accessories!

You can find these and other amazing accessories on amazon.com

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