5 suggestions to entertain your dogs at home!

Because they deserve that!

5 suggestions to entertain your dogs at home!

Because they deserve that!

It's a fact that most people are in love with dogs and that makes us worry about them in all aspects, even about  leaving them mentally healthy.  Many animals that are not busy with any activity, be it indoors or out, end up developing depression quickly among several other diseases.  Dogs need to interact and distract their minds. So we've listed below some suggestions to make your dog more active and happy indoors.

Self-Playing Dog Tug of War

Your dog will be crazy about this toy! This toy is multifunctional because it can work as a chewing ball, a rope toy or a self-playing ball toy. It perfectly fits to your dog's mood. It is quite simple to set: you can fix it on the floor, the window or on the door. There is a suction cup that allows you to do that and it is strong in order to not let your dog break it easily. Other important thing is that this  is an environmental friendly toy and doesn't offer any harm or danger to your pet.

Crackle Ball Dog Toy

Everybody knows that dogs can't see a ball to go nuts! So this toy was made to promote this mad feeling that dogs have for balls and not to destroy them. This material was developed to handle bites and interactions of great breeds. The ball emits a sound of water while the dog swings or bites it. It is totally safe and made of high lasting rubber. You can bet your dog will spend hours trying to figure out where that peculiar noise comes from.

Squeeze popper

This toy is fantastic, especially if your dog is one of those who loves when you  throw the ball so it can get it. The difference is that the balls are soft because they are made of foam, which makes them safe to play indoors. The device is activated according to the intensity with which you squeeze it, that is, the harder you squeeze it, the further away the balls will go.  

Dog fluffy Pinãta toy

Who ever played pinata knows how much fun that is, now imagine for the puppies? This stuffed pinata was developed not to be easily destroyed. The soft hair and noise it makes will arouse your pet's curiosity. It has a hook so you can hang it and the material is non-toxic, which ensures the safety and health of your pet, in addition to the quality material and detailed design. Your dog will have a lot of fun with this pinata.

Interactive Puzzle for dogs

This puzzle was designed to arouse the natural curiosity that dogs have. Your puppies will slide and turn the lids to get the treats hidden in this toy, which will make this a super fun moment for him. Your dog will be entertained for a good time, because this toy will be like a challenge for him. It also has a non-slip bottom, with quality material and high durability and super resistant, to support the most varied behaviors of your dog.

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