3 trends of Jeans for winter 2021.

The jeans affixed to the grada winter clothes.


3 trends of Jeans for winter 2021.

The jeans affixed to the grada winter clothes.

Jeans are the most democratic fabric in the world. Jeans are key pieces for many occasions, and a classic that never goes out of style.

Winter trends 2021 bring an air of the 80s and 90s, with looser and super comfortable modeling. Models like boyfrend and baggy jeans will be even more popular, leaving the skinny, the famous, aside. Choose the one that best matches your style.


After spending so much time at home wearing comfortable clothes, everything indicates that the pleasant has joined the useful, and wide-cut jeans will be the biggest trends for 2021, they may be mons jeans, or even pantaloons.

  Use with: Papetes, straight heels, heels or sneakers.


A modeling that is between classic and flare. Bootcut Jeans are the ones that are tighter on the hips and thighs and are slightly enlarged from the middle of the legs. Perfect for wearing, as the name says, with boots. In 2021 they are betting the biggest jeans trends.

The bootcut is super versatile and timeless and is ideal to be used during the day, as it has a more casual and casual look. It can be short cropped or longer.

Use with: Low boots, heels or sneakers.


Cropped pants   won the hearts of many people and become a wild card in the wardrobe. Versatile, they can be used on several occasions, from more formal looks or cool compositions.

Its main feature is its length of the legs, which can vary between the shin and the ankle. It is a super timeless piece, and can be used in any season.

Use with: Ankle boots, heeled shoes and sandals, sneakers and mule.

So what's your favorite?

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