Some steps to choose School supplies

Here is a list to help you!

Some steps to choose School supplies

Here is a list to help you!

Going back to School 

Going back to school can be exciting and stressful at the same time. You surely want to get back to your routine, see dear friends and teachers again. On the other hand, organizing and buying school supplies can be a challenging task. Whether you are not sure what school supplies you should get, don't worry about it! There are some basic school supplies that must be in your backpack,  and we are going to help you with that. But, before you buy anything, make sure there are no old school supplies that can be reused. This will help you save money and have an eco-friendly approach. Another suggestion is to check if your school has an online list, although if they don't, you can create your own.

The list

Planner to organize homework

Post-it notes

02 pencil sharpeners 

06 sharpened pencils, because they are never useless and we always need them and also eraser caps to put on your pencils.

4 pens

A twelve-inch (30 centimeter) ruler.

A notebook for each academic class you will have

2 Scissors

A large pencil case. A good one to carry all your stuff

1 or 2 spiral notebooks, single subject.

3 highlighters

A good backpack.

A mini stapler

A lock and we may suggest Master locks because they are the best working locks or Combination locks which are also very useful.

Where to buy then?

Nowadays people would rather buy things online and that's why we have chosen the best stores so you can compare prices and decide which store you want to order from. 

Amazon: you will find everything you need there. Trust us! And it can be quite cheap because Amazon offers items in large quantities for a reasonable price. Walmart is a nice choice if you want to save money and find every item from your list. It is a very organized online interface so you can find items according to the age or category. Staples: beyond back-to-school season, it’s a wonderful place to get all the supplies you may need for that big class presentation or group project. The Staples website offers  you to buy by school age, and many items have the option to pick-up in just an hour. 

Something really important to remember:

Since we have been facing global health issues, you must carry with you wherever you go:

hand sanitizer

paper tissues

a clean mask ( if it is required)

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