Screwdriver - you can't imagine how you need it!

Check out the advantages of having one!

Screwdriver - you can't imagine how you need it!

Check out the advantages of having one!

If you have ever had to ask for help to tighten or loosen a screw or have suffered to do it yourself, you need to know the screwdriver.

It may even sound like a "luxury" item or something you buy and regret later, but it isn't!

A quality screwdriver can help you a lot in your home, especially for manual work.

Shall we understand how it works?

As the name suggests, the screwdriver is a tool that screws things up, tightens or loosens screws .

These screws can be on wood, metal, plastic and walls.

In other words, you can take a chance on assembling furniture, curtains, tightening screws and more.

Nowadays there are wired and portable models. This second option is very practical, as you can charge your screwdriver anywhere, as long as you have received a sufficient amount of electricity.

Do I really need one?

If you are a fan of home improvement programs, you will agree with me that it is admirable what they can do and how they do it.

What we sometimes miss is that everything is done more easily because of the right tools .

You will rarely see someone tightening or loosening screws with a screwdriver, for example.

So, why stress if you can have such a useful and easy to use tool, right? Check out some amazing models:

4.8V Screwdriver with Mondial Bivolt Case FPF-05M

The FPF-05M Screwdriver from Mondial comes with a super practical case to make your life easier when assembling furniture, installing shelves or even hanging that beautiful frame. Because it is compact, it is light and still has:

  • Electronic reversing system (reverses the direction of rotation of the motor) being able to tighten or loosen screws
  • LED lantern
  • 200 RPM speed
  • Battery level indicator
  • Rechargeable (no need to use wires)

Screwdriver 4.8V PPF01MF Philco

The 4.8V PPF01MF Philco Screwdriver is light, compact and easy to use. Your briefcase stores and organizes everything you need to use it. And more:

  • Rotation reversal
  • LED flashlight (for use in places with poor visibility)
  • Battery level indicator
  • 42-bit case (to be used on any type of screw)

Wap Bp 4.8v Li-ion Battery Screwdriver

The Wap Bp 4. 8v Li-ion Battery Screwdriver is quite simple to use. Its battery is compact and rechargeable (made of lithium Li-ion), with great energy performance. Besides that:

  • 180 RPM speed
  • Electronic reversal
  • Led light
  • Charge level indicator light

Bosch Go 3.6V BIVOLT Battery Screwdriver

The Bosh Go 3.6V Battery Screwdriver stands out for its intelligent Push & Go system, without the need to pull any trigger. Just press it to screw. And more:

  • 6 torque options
  • Bivolt USB Charger
  • Can be used manually
  • Battery level indicator

BLACK + DECKER 4.8V Screwdriver KC4815B

The BLACK + DECKER Screwdriver 4.8V KC4815B conquers by the possibility of being used in 2 positions and for being so practical. It is portable and lightweight, ideal for everyday tasks. And it also has:

  • Led light
  • Battery level indicator
  • 8-position torque control
  • Can be used without the need for wire

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