Find out if you have the profile to work from home

And what can you improve to be a professional home office!

Find out if you have the profile to work from home

And what can you improve to be a professional home office!

Despite being known as "home office", some companies use the term "remote work", which actually means the same thing: working from home. And this has been a measure adopted by many companies looking for more productive and motivated employees and also to reduce costs such as transportation, rental and essential services that a physical company must offer.

Productivity increase

Stanford University in the United States led a study to find out how much work from home increases the productivity of a company's employees. The study was conducted as follows: a number of employees were divided into two groups, those who could work from home and those who had to go to the company every day. The conclusion was that the group that worked at home office had an increase in their productivity of 13%. This transformed into results, generated a significant increase in revenue for the company. And, despite the many advantages found in this type of work, it is necessary to understand the requirements and challenges to know if you have the profile to work at home office. So, we have separated some relevant information that will help you in this process!

Not everyone has the profile

Working from home requires a lot of discipline and organization. What happens to many people is to see homework as a hobby, where you can work anytime you want, as often as you can and that is not always a reality. There is flexibility in schedules, but many companies work with deadlines and goals, which extends to the employee as well. You have to resist the temptation to get distracted on social media or platforms with films and series. Another observation is that your boss is not on your side physically, but he will certainly notice how productive you can be or not working from home office. So, if working from home is a dream or a goal for you, pay attention to these observations and organize yourself to be the best employee you can.

Even from home, you work a lot!

Another myth that must be debunked is the idea that working from home is a way to earn easy money, working little. You will have the same workload as an office, for example. The difference is that there is a warmth and comfort that the home exudes, which can favor its performance. Another issue is that, in a work environment, you usually have a time to start and end your shift. At home it is another story, because we tend to extend our schedule when we have a deadline and it needs to be executed. There are reports of home office workers who work until dawn to finish an important project.

The type of clothing you choose to work from home can influence your performance

Not everyone is able to work in pajamas and not feel extremely relaxed, to the point of transmitting this to their performance. For this reason, it is essential to dress for work. We're not saying you have to wear a suit and tie, but straightening your hair, shaving and light makeup will establish the type of professional you will be that day.

Invest in a suitable environment to work

It doesn't have to be an exclusive room for you, but it needs to have your personal touch of organization so that you can exercise a more effective work routine. A well-lit environment, with a good computer and good internet connection, a comfortable chair, without much noise and with few interruptions from other residents of your home, are essential factors for a good performance.

Do I have the profile?

The truth is that if you have the desire to work from home, with organization and focus you can do it! Motivation is a determining factor for those who want to conquer. For that reason, be disciplined, strive to achieve the established goals, dedicate yourself to your work and the moment you set aside for him, and you will certainly have a successful career!

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