5 Movies on amazon prime video to watch with your kids

Excitement and lots of laughs are guaranteed!

5 Movies on amazon prime video to watch with your kids

Excitement and lots of laughs are guaranteed!

It's always like this: the weekend arrives and there the family will start looking for a movie to watch.

Nothing much until then, until the children end up losing patience and interest in having this moment "in family".

Another problem is when we end up wasting time looking for films, precisely because "we judge by the cover" or by the synopsis, (which would be that summary about the film), which often fails to express all the hidden wealth that that film can have .

But don't panic! This post was thought and developed with great affection to save you from this intense search and give you this list of films so incredible to watch with your little ones. Check out:

Wim's Story from A to Z

This film is one of those good surprises that the streamings give us.

Meet the orphan Wim who has a very strong desire in his heart: to go to school.

Instead, he spends most of his time working in a city factory.

Despite all the difficulties, Wim manages to escape, makes wonderful friends and with the help of a clever little monkey and a lot of determination, he will face many challenges to have the life he always dreamed of.

Arlo the Mischievous Pig

Moving to a new home and another city can be very challenging, especially if you are a child.

And Talia, the youngest of the family, goes through this and feels very lonely, especially in her new school where she still has to deal with a bully who disturbs her.

But that is about to change, when Talia finds a lost little pig along the way, who becomes her best friend.

Talia gives the pig a name: Arlo and together, they will bring a lot of excitement to this so peaceful family.


Paddington is that bear that everyone would like to have as a friend.

After being raised by his uncles in a forest in Peru, Paddington is in a very tense situation.

An earthquake ends up changing the life of this gentle and caring bear, causing him to be sent to London by his aunt.

In London, he meets the Brown family, who will have their routine and life radically changed with the presence of Paddington.

How to train your dragon 3

In this third film, Hiccup and his friends have a very dangerous and important mission: to free the dragons from hunters and prevent them from continuing to slaughter these animals.

However, the villain Grimmel, is interested in Toothless, the legendary Night Fury and decides to use a female of the same species to capture him.

Hiccup will need a lot of courage and cleverness to face this terrible villain and protect his best friend.

A wolf in sheep's clothing

The sheep live a quiet and peaceful life in the beautiful green hills of a distant land, until a pack of wolves decides to camp next to them.

In a power struggle, Gray, a brave wolf enters the forest and ends up meeting a gypsy rabbit that turns him into a ram.

With this unusual situation, Gray knows the village of the lambs, how they live and something in his heart is about to change.

These are just a few examples of really cool movies to watch with kids on amazon prime video!

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