5 materials with the face of winter 21

Textures, bet for the coldest season of the year, and suggestions for looks to inspire you!


5 materials with the face of winter 21

Textures, bet for the coldest season of the year, and suggestions for looks to inspire you!

When we think about trends, modeling, shapes and colors come to mind; but textures are also a key point in the composition of looks.
Among the big bets of winter, we have some known and dear to us and other super news. Leather remains stronger than ever, metallics appear as a high point, especially silver, and also the materials that refer and bring comfort.
With that in mind, I separated 5 essential textures for this season, which can be used either in separate pieces or complete look.

1st Metallic

The metallic one brings a glam touch and has everything to give the productions a boost. It's been coming up slowly for a few seasons and now it seems to consolidate. The current color is silver, with a more sophisticated air and glow. In the fashion shows, this color and texture appear in pieces worthy of the red carpet, short and long dresses, coats and accessories for the most diverse styles.
But you must be asking yourself: "How am I going to use it on a daily basis, without looking like I'm ready to party?" The tip is to bet on just one piece and keep the rest of the most basic look, or break the sophistication with sporting items such as a jacket or sneakers.

2nd black leather

I'm super suspicious when it comes to leather, I just love it! I always found a chic and timeless material, not to mention the face of the season.
This season, the predominant color is the one most loved by all: black. And it can be in leather or synthetic, both expressing elegance and fashion information in the productions. Furthermore, these materials are warm, waterproof and super comfortable.
This season, leather appears in several items, being total look or weight accessories. The classic leather jacket remains high and the longer coats, at the level of the knees or even the shins, gain a lot of importance, and the trench coat version with cuts inspired by tailoring are highlighted with the waist marked by belts and sashes. The pieces also gain embroidery applications and fake fur on the collar.
We couldn't forget about accessories, but leather is still strong in bags, medium and long height boots, gloves and also bracelets.
Black leather is super versatile, and you can join the trend using just one piece. In your day-to-day, bet on leather pants and combine with knitting or a tailor's blazer. Don't be afraid, leather will always be a great option.

3rd Nylon

The comfort of being at home in 2020 came to the streets in 2021, so nylon is a big bet this winter. Padded jackets from the sporting world invade fashion and convey the feeling of comfort we so much want
We saw in the 2021/22 fall-winter international fashion shows, several brands investing in quilted jackets and there is no rule when it comes to joining the trend.
But if you're scared the tip is to invest in a solid color that's easy to combine like gray and earthy.

4th sweatshirt

Within the same idea of comfort, the sweatshirt, the one from our school days, became a fashionista trend, even with the name “Comfy” trend.
It can be used in the set, pants and blouse or separately combined with classic pieces and even with a high heel shoe, finally it is possible to mix it with other pieces and get a sporty and very cool result.
As the sweatshirt is the symbol of maximum comfort, it could not be missing this winter and the coolest thing is that the models became more current and young. Choose yours!


Velvet has always had a special place in European fashion and now this material has conquered the world.
From heavier and textured options to lighter ones with sparkles are seen in several pieces such as dresses, pants and coats. The biggest highlight was the blazers with medium length and more masculine cut.
The difference was made by the colors, which were not traditional.
Textures of the most varied and for all lifestyles. Which of these do you most identify with?
Tell me on instagram! @f.decoder. B-jo

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